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A11 - Quadrupeds - Allen & Ginter Tobacco Album

A11 - Quadrupeds - Allen & Ginter Tobacco. Souvenir Albums of this type were probably intended to replace the individual tobacco cards if the smoker desired. They were purchased with 75 to 100 coupons packed with cigarettes. This album was issued in 1890 with the images of card series Quadrupeds (Burdick N21). Gorgeous illustrated pages including large vignettes of exotic world views as well as the subject cards.. Far scarcer than the individual cards. Cracks at the ties, rounded corners, Light cover soil. .. (a11album) SOLD

Subjects included are:

Llama, Peccary, Jaguar, Tapir, Armadillo, Deer, Buffalo, Musk Ox, Moose, Grizzly Bear, Fox, Marten, Bloodhound, Badger, Boar, Gnu, Camel, Porcupine, Zebra, Dromedary, Giraffe, Gnu, Hippopotamus, Ibex, Chamois, Hyena, Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Bighorn, Black Bear, Otter, Beaver, Wolf, Antelope, Elephant, Monk, Orangutan, Rhinoceros, Kangaroo, Polar Bear, Walrus, Reindeer, Lynx, Opossum, Flying Squirrel, Prairie Dog, Raccoon, Puma, Grey Squirrel.

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