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A14 - World's Beauties Album 1st Series - Allen & Ginter Tobacco

A14 - World's Beauties Album 1st Series - Allen & Ginter Tobacco. Souvenir Albums of this type were probably intended to replace the individual tobacco cards if the smoker desired. They were purchased with 75 to 100 coupons packed with cigarettes, this album was issued in 1888 with the images of card series World's Beauties 1st Series (Burdick 26). Gorgeous illustrated pages grouping the ladies with vignettes not present on the card series. Far scarcer than the individual cards. Light cover soil. corner wear, minor tears and paper loss on back cover. (a14album) SOLD

Subjects included are:

Mrs. Fresident Cleveland, The Princess of Wales, Princess Eulalia of Spain, Ada Rehan, Emma Carson, Marchioness of Kildare, Pauline L'Allemand, Belle Archer, Kate Brtlett, Jessie Bartlett Davis, Miss Ethel Selwyn, Donna Vaillard, Mrs. Langtry, Lillian Russell. Marie Jansen, Mrs. George Gould, Pauline Hall, Annie Robe, Miss Fanny Davenport, Miss Mary Anderson, Rose Coghlan, Miss Ellen Terry, Theo, The Countess of Dalhousie, Leslie Chester, Marie Burroughs, Louise Montague The $10,000 Beauty, Helen Standish, Miss Fannie Rice, Mollie Fuller, Lilia Blow, Dauvray, Margaret Mather, The Vienna Beauty, Emma Nevada, Adelina Patti, Nilson, Albani, Mrs. James Bown Potter, Lousie Paullin, Maud Granger, Miss Agnes Huntington, Miss Fortesque, Miss Maud Branscombe, Estelle Clayton, Lotta, Egyptian Beauty, Ethel Corlette, Minnie Palmer, Miss Billie Barlow,

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