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A27 - Governors, Coats of Arms - W. Duke Sons & Co, Tobacco Album

A27 - Governors, Coats of Arms and Interesting Features of the States and Territories - W. Duke Sons & Co. Tobacco. Souvenir Albums of this type were probably intended to replace the individual tobacco cards if the smoker desired. They were purchased with 75 to 100 coupons packed with cigarettes. This album was also available for sale at the then high price of $1.50. This album was issued circa 1889 with the images and extensive text of card series Governors, Coats of Arms and Interesting Features of the States and Territories (Burdick 133). Gorgeous illustrated pages show both the card faces and the map backs. Far scarcer than the individual cards. Paper loss on front and back covers primarily at the corners as well as small tears and folds. Ribbon holding the album together is shredding and the pages are loose as a result. (a27album-316) $165.00.

Subjects included are:

Indian Territories (Indian Chief); Washington D.C. (President Cleveland); Colorado (Gov. Adams); Ohio (Gov. Foraker); Texas (Gov. Ross)l; Michigan (Gov. Luce); Louisiana (Gov McEnery); Maine (Gov. Marble); Alabama (Gov. Seay); Georgia (Gov. Gordon); Utah Ter. (Gov West); North Carolina (Gov Scales); New Hampshire (Gov. Sawyer); Nebraska (Gov. Thayer); Minnesota (Gov. McGill); Indiana (Gov. Gray); Missouri(Gov. Morhouse)l Arizona Terr. (Gov. Zulick); Maryland (Gov. Jackson); Nevada (Gov. Stevenson); Idaho Ter. (Gov Stevenson); Mississippi (Gov Lowry); A Montana Cowboy; Washington Terr. (Gov Semple); Wyoming Terr. (Gov. Moonlight); Arkansas (Gov. Hughes); Vermont (Gov. Ormsbee)l West Virginia (Gov. Wilson); California (Gov. Waterman); New Mexico Ter. (Gov. Ross); Connecticut (Gov. Lounsbury); Rhode Island (Gov. Davis); Iowa (Gov. Larrabee); Tennessee (Gov Taylor); Florida (Gov. Perry); S. Carolina (Gov. Richardson); Kentucjy (Gov. Buckner); Kansas (Gov. Martin); Massachusetts (Gov. Ames); Illinois (Gov. Oglesby); Virginia (Gov. Lee); New York (Gov Hill); Pennsylvania (Gov Beaver); New Jersey (Gov. Green); Dakota Ter. (Gov. Church); Wisconsin (Gov. Rusk); Orgeon (Gov. Penoyer); Delaware (Gov. Biggs).

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