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A28 - The Heroes of the Civil War - W. Duke Sons & Co, Tobacco Album

A28 - The Heroes of the Civil War - W. Duke Sons & Co. Tobacco. Souvenir Albums of this type were probably intended to replace the individual tobacco cards if the smoker desired. They were purchased with 75 to 100 coupons packed with cigarettes. This album was issued in 1889 with the images and extensive text of card series Histories of Generals (Burdick 78). Gorgeous illustrated pages pair a Union and CSA general. Includes several full page plates not illustrated on cards.. Far scarcer than the individual cards.Some paper adhesion problems on front cover. Paper loss back cover Stain upper right corner. (a28album2) SOLD.

Subjects included are:

Grant, Lee. Sherman, Longstreet. Hancock, Johnstone. Farragut, Semmes. Merrimack and Monitor Naval Battle. Logan, Forrest. Sheridan, TJ Jackson. Rosecrans, Breckinridge. McClellan, Bragg. The Commanders in Chief - Grant and Lee. Buell, Hardee. McDowell, Johnston. Burnside, Bueregarde. Howard, Morgan. The Battle of Gettysburg. Halleck, Hampton. Garfield, Smith. Sedgewick, Stewart. Butler, Hill. The Battle of Manassas or Second Bull Run. Lyon, Price. Porter, Magruder, Banks, Pemnerton. Sigel, Polk. Scott, Gordon. Foot, Ewell. Meade, Hood. Gilmore, Early. Hooker, Pickett.

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