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The British Journal Photographic Almanacs

The present Almanac first appeared in the form of a wall calendar for the year 1860 and was distributed as a supplement to the "British Journal of Photography" of December 15, 1859. The Almanac in book form was issued as a gift to subscribers of the publication until 1866 when it was sold exclusively as a separate publication. It is an extraordinary resource for those interested in the historical development of photography. Each issue included informative articles on photographing different subjects, processing techniques, new products, tables, and miscellaneous information. Later copies included a section of photogravure reproductions of modern works by leading exhibitors. The publication also contains many ads for photographic equipment thus providing useful information for those interested in dating pieces of equipment as well as providing insight into the evolution of advertising. We have a small selection of these Almanacs for sale. Their condition varies but all interior pages are clean and intact.

Photographic Almanac and Photographer's Daily Companion 1921 Paperbound Very Good+ (Stock Number 003BritAlmanac21) $35.00 SOLD

Photographic Almanac 1940 Paperbound. Spine beginning to separate, paper loss on cover, folds and nicks. 32 Gravure Pictures. Good-Very Good. (Stock Number 003BritAlmanac40) $30.00

Photographic Almanac 1949 Hardcover Cover of spine partially detached. 32 Gravure Pictures. Good-Very (Stock Number 003BritAlmanac49) $30.00

Photographic Almanac 1954. Hardcover 32 Gravure Pictures. Cover soiled, spine rubbed. Very good. (Stock Number 003BritAlmanac54) $30.00

Photographic Almanac 1957 Hardcover 32 Gravure Pictures. Cover soiled, spine rubbed. Very good. (Stock Number 003BritAlmanac57) $30.00

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