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Original Amos and Andy Radio Transcription Disks

Here are a few of the original radio station transcription disks for the enormously popular Amos and Andy Radio Program. 12" Diameter. We do not have information on the storyline or the ability to play them. These disks are visually excellent.

Episode No. 252 January 13, 1929. (Stock number 005Amos252) SOLD

Episode No. 253 January 14, 1929. (Stock number 005Amos253) SOLD

Episode No. 254 January 15, 1929. (Stock number 005Amos254) SOLD

Episode No. 255 January 17, 1929. (Stock number 005Amos255) SOLD

Episode No. 256 January 18, 1929. (Stock number 005Amos256) SOLD

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