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Pin-Up Arcade Cards

Risque pin-up cards from those penny arcade machines. Products of Mutoscope and the Exhibit Card Company. An artifact of earlier standards. Click on the small picture for a full sized view of the card. Defects on the cards are noted where appropriate

005ac100 | 005ac101 | 005ac102 | 005ac103 | 005ac104

In The Rough. Mutoscope. (005ac100) $14.00 SOLD

Short on Sails. Mutoscope. (005ac101) $14.00 SOLD

Sure Shot, Mutoscope. (005ac102) $14.00 SOLD

A Peek-A'-Knees. Mutoscope (005ac103) $14.00

Two Cushion. Mutoscope. Thumbtack damage and fold at top center right. Edge wear. (005ac104) $8.00 SOLD

005ac105 | 005ac106 | 005ac107 | 005ac108 | 005ac109

Help Wanted. Mutoscope. Minor thumbtack hole at top center. corner wear. (005ac105) $12.00 SOLD

Exhibit Pinup (005ac106) $10.00 SOLD

Exhibit Pinup Fold lower left corner. (005ac107) $8.00 SOLD

Exhibit Pinup (005ac108) $10.00 SOLD

Exhibit Pinup Rubbing and small area of paper loss at left. Pencil msrkings on rear of card (005ac109) $8.00 SOLD

005ac110 | 005ac111 | 005ac112 | 005ac113 | 005ac114

Exhibit Pinup Writing on rear of card(005ac110) $10.00 SOLD

Exhibit Pinup (005ac111) $10.00 SOLD

Exhibit Pinup (005ac112) $10.00 SOLD

Exhibit Pinup (005ac113) $10.00 SOLD

No Stares. Signed ELV? Tack damage top center. Minor folds (005ac114) $10.00 SOLD

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