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Political Autographs

William Maxwell Evarts. 1818-1901 Attorney General of the United States under President Johnson. He was the chief defense counsel for Johnson in impeachment proceedings. He also served as Secretary of State and as a U. S. Senator from New York. He also represented the Republican party in the Tilden-Hayes electoral college vote dispute. (Stock number 003agEvarts) $65.00

Alfred E. Smith. 1873-1944 Governor of New York and Presidential Candidate (Stock number 003agSmith) $50.00

Henry Wilson. 1812-75 Vice President of the United States under U. S. Grant. He was an ardent anti-slavery advocate and was one of the founders of the Republican party. (Stock number 003agWilson) $75.00

Charles Devens Jr. 1820-91 Union General and Attorney General of the United States (Stock number 003agDevens) $32.00

Leverett Saltonstall. United States Senator From Massachusetts. Typed Letter on Senate Armed Services committee stationary signed by. Click to view letter (Stock number 003agSalton) $20.00

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