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C.F. Zimmermann Co. - Autoharp Catalog circa 1890

In the late nineteen century, entertainment for the family centered around the parlour or sitting room. The more affluent family might entertain themselves with songs around the piano. Families with lesser means and less space became enamored of the zither and its variants. In 1882 C.F. Zimmermann of Dolgeville N.Y. patented the autoharp a mechanized zither with bars that created chords for accompaniment. Special music was available with notation for the autoharp. This 11 page catalog entitled "The autoharp and how it captured the family" detailed the models and the selection process. This die cut booklet is approximately 4 5/8" x 6 3/4". It has some stains and the lower third of the spine has split.. (Stock number 005AutoharpCat) $50.00

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