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B34 - Soldier Tobacco Flannel

Issued by the American Tobacco Company circa 1910 these approximately 3" x 4" flannel blankets depict a variety of soldiers with their country's flag in the corner. There are 12 known flannels in this series. (A confusion has been noted in identifying Scotland as Great Britain in some reference books.) (Burdick designation B34). Images are approx. actual size on a 640 x 480 display.

003b34-1 | 003b34-2

Germany 003b34-1 Fine $15.00

Italy 003b34-2 Fine $15.00

003b34-3 | 003b34-4

France 003b34-3 Fine $15.00

Sweden 003b34-4 Fine $15.00

003b34-5 | 003b34-6

Japan 003b34-5 Somewhat faded $15.00

Austria 003b34-6 Fine $15.00

003b34-8 | 003B34-7

United States 003b34-8 Fine $15.00

Russia 003b34-7 Somewhat faded $15.00

003b34-9 | 003b34-10

Spain 003b34-09 Fine $15.00

Denmark 003b34-10 Fine $15.00

003b34-11 | 003b34-12

China 003b34-11 Fine $15.00

Scotland (Great Britain) 003b34-12 Fine $15.00

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