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B50 College Pennant Tobacco Flannels (Plush)

We are please to offer a selection of the B50 series of College Flannels issued by the American Tobacco Company in packages of a Cigarettes. . Issue date circa 1908. Approx. 7" x 4".including fringe. These types of premiums are also known as tobacco blankets or felts. (Images are direct scans of the flannels. )

University of California (Shown above) (003b50-1) $15.00

University of Chicago Click to view (003b50-4) $15.00

Columbia University Click to view (003b50-2) $15.00

University of Indiana Click to view (003b50-5) $15.00

University of Michigan (yellow color is off registration) Click to view (003b50-3) $15.00 SOLD

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