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Baker's Plays - French's Plays - Vintage Scripts

Baker's Plays

Above The Clouds. 1876. Rear cover missing (Stock number 003baker001) $20.00

A Dream of Mother Goose J.C, Marchant, S.J. Mayhew. 1908. Cover partially detached (Stock number 003baker002) $20.00

East Lynne. 1889. Mrs. Henry Wood. Some paper loss on cover. (Stock number 003baker003) $20.00

The Granger. 1890. David Hill. Some paper loss on cover. (Stock number 003baker004) $20.00

A King's Daughter. 1893. Rachel E. Baker. (Stock number 003baker005) $20.00

My Aunt's Heiress 1892. . (Stock number 003baker006) $20.00

Out of the Shadow. 1889. August Vatter and John E. Spencer. Rear cover detached but present (Stock number 003baker007) $20.00

Snow Bound. 1870. (Stock number 003baker008) $20.00

Baler's Plays 1933 Catalog. 224 page catalog of similar dimension to the scripts. Front cover detached but present. (Stock number 003baker009) $50.00

A Catalog of Baker's Plays 1927. 24 page miniature catalog 3.25" x 5.75:"(Stock number 003baker010) $25.00

Spencer's Plays

Dandelions Dodges. Thomas J. Williams. 1868. (Stock number 003baker011) $25.00

French's Plays

The Dead Shot. J.B Buckstone. 1876. (Stock number 003baker012) $25.00

Won at Last. Wybert Reeve 1876. Rear cover missing (Stock number 003baker013) $20.00

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