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BF13 - Battleships Felt Pennants - Gum Premium

Early gum, candy or bakery issue, these 11 1/2" long felt pennants pictured battleships of the world's nations. (Burdick designation BF13).

"U.S.S. New York" 27,000 Tons. Condition VG (Stock number 003BF13-004) $22.00 SOLD

"U.S.S. Delaware" 20,000 Tons. Condition VG (Stock number 003BF13-005) $22.00 SOLD

Germany "Kaiser" 24,000 Tons Condition G-VG (Stock number 003BF13-006) $20.00 SOLD

Russia "Sevastopol" 23,500 Tons Condition G-VG (Stock number 003BF13-007) $20.00 SOLD

Brazil. "Sao Paulo" 20,000 Tons. Condition VG (Stock number 003BF13-001) $20.00 SOLD

Russia "Rurik" 15,000 Tons. Condition VG (Stock number 003BF13-002) $20.00 SOLD

Turkey "Sultan Osman I" 27,500 Tons Condition VG (Stock number 003BF13-003) $20.00 SOLD

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