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Beany and Cecil Poster


Bob Clampett, the creator of Beany and Cecil had a long standing interest in puppets and animation. The result was a TV show for children that originally aired on KTLA in Los Angeles in 1949, making it one of the very earliest children's shows on television. "Time for Beany" featured two marionettes, Beany and his uncle the captain of the Leakin' Lena, who sought adventure all over the world. Both were voiced by Daws Butler. They were accompanied by Beany's best friend Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent, a hand puppet voiced by Stan Freberg. The villain of the show was Dishonest John, also voiced by Freberg. Much of the writing was done by Bill Scott, well known as the voice of Bullwinkle the Moose. What the series lacked in production values it made up for with wit, irreverence, outrageous puns and appealing characters. The show ran for six years. A comic book, a Little Golden Book, and other licensed toys followed. But the series itself is what will be remembered as one of the most charming classic early children's TV show.

The item we are offering is not strictly speaking a poster but rather a box cover for children's pajamas manufactured by the Vanity Fair company. The copyright date on the piece places it in the early 1960's. All of the main characters are featured on it. It measures 19.5" wide x 24" tall. It is printed on textured medium weight paper and would make a fine nostalgic gift. (Stock number 003Beany) $25.00

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