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Henry Comics with Black Themes

We have had the good fortune to acquire a supply of newspaper comic weekly proof sheets. They date from 1936 to 1941. The comic strips on each page are "Henry" by Carl Anderson and "The Pussycat Princess" by Ed. Anthony, drawn by Ruth Carrol. Each proof sheet is different and has been folded in the middle. Some have thumbtack holes at the top and bottom from their use at the paper. Size 17 1/2" x 24".

Both of these comic strips are King Features Syndicate.

Four of these sheets portray Henry and black children and adults. They exhibit the stereotypical views of blacks at that time in our history.

March 16, 1941

November 14, 1937

Henry dresses for a masquerade party as devil. He walks down the street then drops down a manhole to avoid an angry dog. He resurfaces and frightens a "Stephin Fetchit"-like black man. Click to view (Stock number 003Henry111437) $50.00

July 9, 1939

Henry creates seesaw with sawhorse and board. Two young blacks jump over the wall, jumping on end of seesaw. Henry flies up. On his return to the seesaw the boys are launched over the wall. "Us Doan Wanna Play in Yo Yahd, Nohow" SOLD

October 22, 1939

Henry takes bath then walks down street to an antique shop. He looks into mirror and sees himself as a black. Henry runs home and bathes again. He returns to the antique shop, looks in the mirror and sees the same black image. He then pulls out a lollipop and a black boy in identical clothing steps out of the mirror frame. "Ah was only foolin' wif yo', Henry -- Ah'm Powe'ful sorry yo had to take two baths!!" Click to view (Stock number 003Hen102239) $50.00

March 16, 1941

Henry is walking and meets a crying black child with kinky hair. The child wants a milkshake that costs 15 cents. Henry has empty pockets. Henry ponders and takes the child home for glass of milk. Henry then connects the child to belt-driven reducing machine. "Golly Dat Milk Shake is Good" (Pictured above) (Stock number 003Henry111437) $50.00

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