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1930's Paper Company Advertising Calendars

In a paper salesman's attic we found this collection of single month calendars from the 1930's. All used letterpress techniques on lined board. Sizes approx. 8.75" x 11.25". These calendars show some light edge soil and small amounts of waterstaining in corners. Condition overall VG-Fine. $15.00 each

1932 Adirondack Bond- The Adironack Almanac. Folksy cuts and sayings. Printers hints on the reverse. Click for example

November SOLD

1933 Adirondack Bond - Milestones in the history of recorded ideas. Printers hints on the reverse. Click for example

April (Stock number 003adbond0433)

May (Stock number 003adbond0533)

June (Stock number 003adbond0633)

July (Stock number 003adbond0733)

August (Stock number 003adbond0833)

September (Stock number 003adbond0933)

November (Stock number 003adbond1133)

December (Stock number 003adbond1233)

1934 Adirondack Bond - Events in American History. Printers hints on reverse Click for Example

April (Stock number 003adbond0434)

May (Stock number 003adbond0534)

June (Stock number 003adbond0634)

September (Stock number 003adbond0934)

October (Stock number 003adbond1034)

November (Stock number 003adbond1134)

December (Stock number 003adbond1234)

1935 International Paper. International Characters. Yearly calendar or printers hints on reverse. Click for Example

January (Stock number 003adbond0135)

February (Stock number 003adbond0235)

July (Stock number 003adbond0635)

September (Stock number 003adbond0935)

October (Stock number 003adbond1035)

1937 International Paper. Milestones in Printing. Yearly calendar or printers hints on reverse. Click for Example

January (Stock number 003adbond0137)

February (Stock number 003adbond0237)

March (Stock number 003adbond0337)

April (Stock number 003adbond0437)

June (Stock number 003adbond0637)

July (Stock number 003adbond0737)

August (Stock number 003adbond0837)

September (Stock number 003adbond0937)

October (Stock number 003adbond1037)

November (Stock number 003adbond1137)

1938 International Paper. Important Americans. Yearly calendar or biography on reverse. Click for example

January (Stock number 003adbond0138)

February (Stock number 003adbond0238)

March (Stock number 003adbond0338)

April (Stock number 003adbond0438)

May (Stock number 003adbond0538)

June (Stock number 003adbond0638)

August (Stock number 003adbond0838)

September (Stock number 003adbond0938)

October (Stock number 003adbond1038)

December (Stock number 003adbond1238)

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