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A Selection of Trade Catalogs

Click for enlargement (Enamelled Hollow Ware) Herman Wupperman's Celebrated Chemically Pure White Enamelled Hollow Ware. Manufactured in Pinneberg, Holstein Germany. 19 page catalog pictures mugs, plates, dinner carriers, soap dishes, ladles, bowls, chamber pots, pitchers and more. Catalog compiled by The American Import Co., San Francisco, Cal. Click to see typical page Cover detached. Not dated. (Stock number 005cat0201c) $50.00

Click for enlargement (Dietz Lanterns) Dietz Lanterns - Standard of the World. "Sold wherever the sun rises, used wherever the sun sets." R. E. Dietz Company, 60 Laight Street, New York. Largest makers of lanterns in the world, founded 1840. Four page fold-out brochure promotes Hot Blast Lanterns, Cold Blast Lanterns, Wagon and Driving Lanterns, Wall, Street and Platform Lanterns, Railroad Lanterns and the Sport Lantern for hikers and sportsmen. Click to see unfolded brochure Cover tears. Although the flyer is not dated we believe it is 19th century. (Stock number 005cat1110a) $50.00

Click for enlargement (Wear-ever Aluminum Cooking Utensils) The Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company (Wear-Ever) - Catalogue No. 15. 40 page catalog includes pots, griddles, cake pans, chafing dishes, plates, cups and more. Separate Price List for Catalogue Number Fourteen, July, 1909. Instructions for placing orders by telegraph. Click to see typical page (Stock number 005cat0201b) $50.00

Click for enlargement(Crafts Projects) Thayer & Chandler Bargain Catalog 32 page catalog includes glass, china, wood, and metal items to be painted, hooked rugs, fabric paints, art furniture for decoration and much more. This is the Spring 1929 supplement to annual catalog 62 for the Chicago based firm. Click to see typical page (Stock number 005cat0201a) $30.00

(Durrie Rugs) The Muir Mills Co. Ltd. Catalog of Durries (Rugs). Cawnpore, India. 50 page paper notepad catalog. Glued on price list at back of book is dated 1st April, 1924. Corner folds, otherwise very nice. (Stock number 005cat1021a) $40.00

(Books) Catalog of Second-hand Books. Offered for Sale by Thomas Throrp, London. No. 252 1947. 56 page paper catalog. Lightly soiled. Click to view Cover (Stock number 005cat010) $12.00

(Typewriter) How to Use the Underwood Standard Portable Typewriters. Three and Four Bank Models. Copyright 1926. Underwood Typewriter Company, Underwood Building, New York. 15 pages plus 4 section foldout. VG-F Click to view cover (Stock number 005cat20) $30.00

(Typewriter) The copy contained herein is that used in the International Typewriter Contests held in Toronto Canada, April 27th, 1914. Furnished to schools by Underwood Typewriter Company. At the Foot of the Rainbow by J.N. Kimball - 13 pages plus 2 pages of Official Contest Records. VG-F Click to view cover (Stock number 005cat21) $20.00

(Wines and Liquors) Glenbrook Company. Wines and Liquors, 43 Hanover St. Boston Price List. 32pgs. Early 20th century price list with photos of their establishment. Cover soiled. VG Click to view cover (Stock number 005cat02) $20.00

(Plumbing) W.L. Blake & Co. Portland Maine. Catalog H. Plumbing and Steam Material/Railroad, Steamship and Mill Supplies. Copyright 1930. 396 pages. Hard cover. Condition VG. Cover worn and scuffed. Text clean. Profusely illustrated (005cat04). $45.00

(Plumbing) The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc. Ford Setting and Testing Equipment for Water Meters. Catalog No. 50. Late 1940's. 94pgs. B/w illustrations. Condition VG-F (005cat05) $25.00

(Plumbing) Fixzit System The Jennison Co. 19 page plumbing catalog. Copyright 1932. 9 1/8" x 12 1/8". Split at the spine Click to view sample page Click to view another page (Stock number 005cat0324a) $30.00

(Plumbing) Universal-Rundle Corporation. Bathroom Fixtures/Kitchen Equipment. 19pgs. Condition Good (folded down center) (005cat06) $10.00

(Woodsawing Machinery and Farm Implements) Hertzler & Zook Co. Belleville. Pennsylvania. Manufacturers of Wood Sawing Machinery and Farm Implements. Catalog 20. 1924-25. 68 pages. Waterstaining at right margin. Click to view cover (Stock number 005cat07a) $35.00

(Woodsawing Machinery and Farm Implements) Hertzler & Zook Co. Belleville. Pennsylvania. Manufacturers of Wood Sawing Machinery and Farm Implements. Catalog 21. 1925-26. 80 pages. Pages 10,11, 70, 71 not printed. Click to view cover (Stock number 005cat08) $35.00

(Farm Implements) McCormick Mfg. Co. Dayton Sprayers and Whitewashers. No. 15 Hand Implement Catalog. . Circa 1906. . 24 pages. Separate 4 pg price list tipped in.. Click to view cover (Stock number 005cat09) $30.00

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