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1920's and 1930's Chicago Theatre Programs

From the early decades of the twentieth century, these programs are chock full of period advertisements.

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Blackstone Theatre. November 2, 1925 First Week. "The Rivals." Thomas A Wise, Donn Cook, Fred Eric, James T Powers, Chauncey Olcott, Gerald Rogers, George Tawde, Herbert Belmore, Mrs. Fiske, Lotus Robb, Jean Ford, Marie Carrol. Color Omar Cigarettes ad on back. (Stock number 005ctp1) $25.00

Illinois Theatre. October 18, 1925. Ed Wynn in "The Grab Bag". Warner R. Gault, Albert Shaw, Samual Lee, Doree Leslie, Eva Shirley, Fern Rogers, Florence Parker, Vera O'Brien, Kay Annis, Jean Castleton, Lucille Seymour, Jos. Schrode, Charlotte Marmont, Betty Barclay, Martha Wallace, Ann Wallace, Kitty Kane, Jewel Welter, Billie Fisher, Florence Frazier, Hazel Maguire, Evelyn LaFrance, Jean Weber, Madeline Morley, Jean Benton, Agnes Gillen, Gladys Hill, Eileen Wirth, Ruth Moore, Betty Sherman, Edna Terry. Color Murad Cigarettes ad on back cover. (Stock number 005ctp2) $25.00

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Blackstone Theatre. April 5, 1926. "Close Quarters" Wallace Eddinger, Geoffrey Kerr, Bruce McRae, Percy Ames, Stapleton Kent, Elsi Ferguson, Margaret Lawrence, Effie Shannon, Cynthia Hyde, Mabel Mortimer, Patricia Mooris. (Stock number 005ctp5) $25.00

Erlanger Theatre. April 24, 1933. When Ladies Meet" Freida Inescort, Walter Abel, Spring Byington, Robert Lowes, Herbert Rawlinson, Auguste Aramini, Selena Royle. (Stock number 005ctp6) $25.00


Oriental Theatre. May 19, 1933, . "Nuts to You" Jack Pearl, Paul Whiteman, Boswell Sisters, Burns and Allen, Cliff Hall, Jack Fulton, Ramona, Goldie, 4 Rhythm Boys, Peggy Healy, Roy Bargy, Sunny O'Dea, Booby Bixley, George Henri, The Evans Dancing Girls. (Stock number 005ctp7) $35.00

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The Selwyn Theatre. June 29, 1924. "Topsy and Eva" Rosetta Duncan, Vivian Duncan, Aimee Torriani, Mitzi Kimball, John Dunsmure, Bradford Kirkbride, Ann O'Neal, Frank K. Wallace, Mayme Gehrue, Harriet Hoctor. Murad ad on back cover. (Stock number 005ctp8) $35.00

The Selwyn Theatre. February 22, 1926. "The Vortex" Noel Coward, George Harcourt, Auriol Lee, Leo G. Carroll, Jeanette Sherwin, Lilian Braithwaite, Alan Hollis, David Glassford, Rose Hobart, Thomas A. Braidon. Omar Cigarettes ad on back cover. (Stock number 005ctp9) $35.00

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Blackstone Theatre. November 22, 1925. Holbrook Blinn - Judith Anderson in "The Dove." Alfred Webster, Josephine Deffry, Dorothy Day, Vanita La Nier, Margurette Dorlan, Minnie Green, Irene Smith. Yvone D'Or. Rachel Hunter, Julia McCabe, John Spence, Lou Roy Gold, Harry Sutton, John Norris Wheeler, Richard Cubitt, William Harrigan, William Norris, Jack Caram, William Bulias, Harry Dean, James T. Ford, William E. Lemuels, Jose Rives, J. Kunihara, Wilson Reynolds, Grace Culbert, Edward Kelly, Emil Collins. Color Omar Cigarettes ad on back. (Stock number 005ctp3) $25.00 SOLD

Illinois Theatre. March 21, 1926. Leon Errol in "Louis The 14th" Cosmo Bellew, Alfred James, Paul Doucet, Doris Patston, Jack Cronin, Jack Leahy, Edouard Durand, Glen Dale, Al Baron, Ethel Shutta, Chas. V. Holly, Simone de Bouvier, Pauline Mason, Theodore Babcock, Catherine Calhoun Doucet, Florentine Gosnova, Edna Covey. Color Lucky Strike Cigarettes ad on back cover. (Stock number 005ctp4) $25.00 SOLD

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