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Circus Magazines

Bandwagon Journal of the Circus Historical Society

March-April 1987 Al G. Barnes' Circus. Moby Dick on Rails. Circus Okapis. Stowe Brothers Circus (Stock number 005bandw387) $10.00

May-June 1987 Standing Riders. Ringling Barnum Bulldogs. Pawnee Bros. and Don Robinson Circuses. Arthur Grotefent. (Stock number 005bandw587) $10.00

November - December 1988 Herbert's Horses. John Robinson Circus. Burmese Giraffe-Neck Women and Monster-Mouthed Ubangi Savages. (Stock number 005bandw1188) $10.00

January February 1989 Herbert's Horses. Cooke's Royal Circus with Grizzly Adams Bear Menagerie. (Stock number 005bandw189) $10.00

March-April 1989 Famous Robbins Circus. James Heron Shows. Carla Wallenda. Herbert's Horses. Joe Conway. (Stock number 005bandw389) $10.00

May - June 1989 Sells- Floto Poster on cover. Carl Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus. W.C> Coup's Salpingasian Chariot of Mnemosyne. Herbert's Horses.(Stock number 005bandw589) $10.00

July - August 1989 Bud E. Anderson;s Great American Victory Circus. Bert Doss and Harold Vopise, The Flying Thrillers. Herbert's Horses.(Stock number 005bandw789) $10.00

September - October 1989 Russell Bros. Great Pan-Pacific Railroad Circus on cover. Biller Bros Circus. Card Bros. Circus. Herbert's Horses. James Hunter The Bareback Rider. (Stock number 005bandw989) $10.00

May - June 1990 Ringling Bros. Miss May Wirth Poster on Cover. May Wirth. Banard Bros and Bar Bros Circuses. Father Ed the Circus Priest. Elephants for Barnum. (Stock number 005bandw590) $10.00

May - June 1993 Original Miss Daisy Poster on cover. Hodgini Family, United Nations Circus, Zoyara (Stock number 005bandw593) $10.00

Nov - Dec 1993 Mighty Haag Shows Poster on Cover. Baraboo's Baby Elephants. Cooper Bros. Circus. Albert M. Wetter Circus, Tom Parkinson. Miles White. (Stock number 005bandw1193) $10.00

May - June 1995 Adam Forepaugh and Sells Bros. Show Poster on cover. Adam Forepaugh and Sells Bros.Billposting Miscellany. John and Charkles Ringling. (Stock number 005bandw595) $10.00

Nov - Dec 1995 Adam Forepaugh and Sells Bros. Show Poster on cover. Venice Florida, Truck Circus Parades, Red Wagon Rhythms, Female Pygopagus. (Stock number 005bandw1195) $10.00

King Pole Magazine Circus Fans Association of Great Britain.

September 1978 (Stock number 005kingpole978) $10.00

June 1980 (Stock number 005kingpole680) $10.00

December 1980 (Stock number 005kingpole1280) $10.00

December 1982 (Stock number 005kingpole1282) $10.00

March 1983 (Stock number 005kingpole383) $10.00

The White Tops. Official Publication of Circus Fans Association of America

September/October 1991 (Stock number 005whitetops991) $10.00

January/February 1999 (Stock number 005whitetops199) $10.00

Southern Sawdust. A Must for the Circus Minded

Spring - May 1978 Miss Stevana. The Rolling Diamonds, Coronas Aerial Thrill Show, LeLisa, Dubsky Brothers and Jordan (Stock number 005Southern578) $10.00 SOLD

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