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Columbia Record Catalogs

Columbia Records 1926 192 page booklet. Includes Masterworkks Series, Columbia Celebrity Records, Standard List of Popular Music, Popular List, Race Records, Old Familiar Music (Old Time Music), Foreign Language Gems and Novelty Records, (003colum26) $50.00

Columbia Records November 1939 240 page booklet. Photos of Howard Barlow, Sir Thomas Beecham, Lucienne Boyer, Robert Casadesus, Don Cossack Choir, Nelson Eddy, Maurice Evans, Emanuel Feuermann, George Gershwin, Walter Gieseking, Myra Hess, Edward Kilenyi, Alexander Kipnis Anatole Kitain, Charles Kullman, Efrem Kurtz, Lehman Engel, Nathan Milstein, Claudia Muzio, Pasquier Brothers, Egon Petri, Ossy Renardy, Roth String Quartet, Jean Sablon, Stradivarius String Quartet, Igor Stravinsky, Orson Welles etc. Cover begining to become unglued, otherwise excellent.(003colum39) $35.00

Columbia Records January 1928 16 page booklet. Photos of Felix Salmond, Sir Thomas Beecham. Ben Selvin, Paul Specht, Ruth Etting, Riley Puckett. Review list of Columbia New Process Records Issued Since September 1927.. (003colum28) $25.00

Columbia Records Sept. 1919 20 page booklet. Photos of Barbara Mauel, Rosa Ponselle, Riccardo Stracciari, Sascha Jacobsen, Bert Williams, Wilbur C, Sweatman's Original Jazz Band, Waldorf-Astoria Dance Orchestra, Charles A. Prince. Jack and Irving Kaufman, Henry Burr, Charles Harrison, Van and Schenck, Bentley Ball. Damp stained but complete. (003colum19) SOLD

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