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Country and Western Music Sheet Music

Alabama Wild Man.Words and Music byJerry Reed Hubbard. 1968 Jerry Reed Some rubbing of cover (Stock number 008csm002) $10.00 SOLD

Any Time. Words and Music by Herbert Happy Lawson. 1949. Eddy Arnold, Eddie Fisher. (Stock number 008csm003) $10.00

Bury Me Out on the Prairie. Arr. By Nick Manoloff. 1935. The Westerners (Massey Family) (Stock Number 008csm32) $12.00

Dream Big Words and Music by Paul Hampton and Burt F. Bacharach. 1963 Sonny James (Stock number 008csm004) $10.00

Ev'ry Day I Love You (Just A Little Bit More). Music by Jule Styne. Words by Sammy Cahn. 1948, Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson (Stock number 008csm005) $10.00

Every Time I Turn The Radio On. Words and Music by Bill Anderson. 1974. (Stock number 008csm006) $10.00

Have I Stayed Away Too Long. By Frank Loesser. 1943 (Stock number 008csm008) $10.00

I Like Mountain Music. Words by James Cavanaugh. Music by Frank Weldon. 1933 (Stock number 008csm009) $10.00 SOLD

I Tipped My Hat and Slowly Walked Away. Words and Music by Larry Markes and Dick Charles. 1946. Perry Como (Stock number 008csm010) $10.00

I Wish I Was Single Again. Arr. By Nick Manoloff. 1935. Fred Kirby (Stock Number 008csm33) $12.00

Misty. Words by Johnny Burke and Music by Erroll Garner. 1975 Ray Stevens (Stock number 008csm012) $10.00

Oh Lonesome Me. By Don Gibson. 1958 Don Gibson (Stock number 008csm013) $10.00

One Hell of a Woman Words and Music by Mac Davis and Mark James 1974.Mac Davis Hole Punched (Stock number 008csm014) $10.00

Our Love We Could Be Proud of . Words and Music by Roger Miller. 1975 (Stock number 008csm015) $10.00

(There'll Be ) Peace in The Valley (For Me). Words and Music by Thomas A Dorsey. 1939 Later reprint. Creased (Stock Number 008csm38) $10.00

Prairie Skies by Dick Sanford and Charlie Lawman. 1930. Charlie Lawman. (Stock number 008csm016) $10.00

Rocky Mountain Lullaby. Words by Marvin Lee, Music by Robert A. King. 1931 (Stock number 008csm017) $10.00

(The New and Original) San Antonio Rose. By Bob Wills. 1940 (Stock number 008csm030) $10.00

Send Me The Pillow You Dream ON. Words and Music by Hank Locklin. 1962 Johnny Tillotson (Stock number 008csm018) $10.00

Slow Poke. Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart and Chilton Price. 1951. Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart (Stock Number 008csm35) $12.00

Somethin' 'bout you baby I like. Words and Music by Richard Supa. 1980 (Stock number 008csm019) $10.00

Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle. Words and Music by Walter G. Samuels, Leonard Whitcup, Teddy Powell. 1935 Bob Sylvester (Stock number 008csm020) $10.00

Tennessee Waltz. By Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King. 1948. Patti Page (Stock number 008csm031) $10.00

There's A Gold Mine In The Sky. By Charles and Nick Kenney. 1937. Everett Johnson. Lesse Vance (Stock number 008csm023) $10.00

This Ole House. Words and Music by Stuart Hamblen. 1954/ (Stock number 008csm040) $10.00

Too Many Rivers. Words and Music by Harlan Howard. 1964 Brenda Lee (Stock number 008csm024) $10.00

Walk Right Back. Words and Music by Sonny Curtis. 1978 Anne Murray (Stock number 008csm025) $10.00 SOLD

When I Marry I'll Marry For Love. Words and Music by James Cavanaugh, John Redmond and Frank Weldon.1943 (Stock number 008csm026) $10.00

When I Stop Leaving (I'll Be Gone) Words and Music by Kent Robbins. 1978 Charley Pride (Stock number 008csm027) $10.00

A White Sport Coat (And A Pin Carnation). 1957. Marty Robbins (Stock number 008csm041) $12.00

Wichita Line Man. Words and Music by Jimmy Webb. Deluze Edition. 1968 Glen Campbell (Stock number 008csm029) $10.00

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