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Davey Crockett Exhibit Cards

We have acquired twelve of the cards from the Exhibit Supply Co's Davy Crockett Series to be sold as one lot. Included are 1-Davey Crocket and companion scouting the Wild Frontier; 3-Davey Crockett at the Alamo. 4 -Davey Crockett - Explorer. 5 -Davey Crockett - Buffalo Hunter. 6 -Davey Crockett at the Alamo awaiting the attack. 7 Young Davey Crockett shooting a bear. 8 -Davey Crockett - Sharpshooter. 9 -Davey Crockett fighting Renegade Indian. 11 -Davey Crockett fighting a bear with a knife. 14 -Davey Crockett and wife. 15 -Davey Crockett in congress. 16 -Davey Crockett at the Battle of the Alamo. Edge staining (Stock number 003crockett) SOLD

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