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Cunard Line - Queen Mary & Queen Elizabeth Memorabilia

The Queen Mary, launched September 26, 1934, was the star of the Cunard Line. Until it was decommissioned in 1967 it carried monied travelers in style and luxury back and forth across the Atlantic. When the ship was scraped all matter of nautical materials were recycled as collectibles. We offer an interesting lamp made with sections of rope. A small plaque provides provenance. Click to see plaque 19" tall, 29.5" to the top of the harp, 9" square base.(Stock number 003ssRopeLamp) $75.00

The R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth originally served as a military vessel in World War II. It was converted to a passenger ship in 1946. It was larger than her sister ship R.M.S. Queen Mary and replaced that ship as the pride of the Cunard Line. The Queen Elizabeth was decommissioned in 1970. It too became a source of steamship memorabilia. The lock we offer is just such an item. A small plaque provides provenance. Click to see plaque Lock 7" x 3.5", plaque 10" x 12". (Stock number 003ssLock) $75.00

Cunard Line Baggage Label includes information and rates of insurance coverage for passenger's luggage. 5.75" x 2.75". (Stock number 003ssLabel) SOLD

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