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Francis W. Dahl Editorial Cartoons - Patrick McGinnis & NHRR

Patrick McGinnis was president of the New Haven Railroad and the Boston & Maine Railroad from 1954 to 1956. McGinnis' many ideas for change made him a subject of controversy. He was frequently the target of Francis W. Dahl's sharp pen. Dahl, Boston's cartoonist laureate, worked for many years for the Boston Herald Traveler. We are offering ten signed original pen and ink cartoons on board. They measure approximately 17" wide x 11.5" high.


Title: Number Three. Single frame cartoon - "I want one of those!" (Stock number 003Dahl1) $75.00


Title: How does he do it? Single frame cartoon - The interstate commerce commission found there was no connection between the New Haven Railroad and the Boston and Maine. (News item) - "Look, Ma, no connection!" (Stock number 003Dahl2) $75.00


Title: What's the Scoop? Six frame cartoon - McGinnis promises not to tell himself as president of the New Haven what he's doing as president of the Boston and Maine. (News item) (Stock number 003Dahl3) $75.00 SOLD


Title: Home, James! Four frame cartoon - B & M Vice-president drives to work. Says its better. (News item) (Stock number 003Dahl4) $75.00


Title: No Jolly Crew. Six frame cartoon - A crewless train will be tested by the New Haven. President McGinnis says the train will be operated from a truck running beside the railroad tracks through the use of microwave. (News item) - "Look, Ma, no hands!" (Stock number 003Dahl5) $75.00


Title: Going underground. Six frame cartoon - McGinnis, President of the New Haven Railroad, suggests a moving platform operating underground to shuttle passengers between the North and South Stations. (News item) Ink streak. (Stock number 003Dahl6) $65.00


Title: Beating the heat. Six frame cartoon - No text. (Stock number 003Dahl7) $75.00


Title: The President of the Road goes out to lunch. Six frame cartoon - No text. (Stock number 003Dahl8) $75.00


Title: McGinnis Rides Again. Three frame cartoon - No text. (Stock number 003Dahl9) $75.00


Title: Kind to Motorists. Six frame cartoon - Trains that carry passengers in their autos proposed. (News item) (Stock number 003Dahl10) $75.00

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