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Mayo's Cut Plug Tobacco "Dutchman" Roly Poly Tin

Early in the 20th century, in a stroke of advertising genius, Mayo's Tobacco Company packaged their cut plug tobacco in round tins with a lithographed character. These "Roly-Polys" were a unique shape that distinguished them from the rectangular and lunch box shaped tins that surrounded them on the shelves. There were a number of different characters that were available, thus encouraging smokers to collect an entire set. Mayo called this packaging a "Brownie" tin. Never a plentiful tin, in recent years these have become almost impossible to find. Our "Dutchman" shows substantial wear and tear. There is considerable paint loss on the head. Click to see bird's eye view of tin There is the residue from the original tax stamp in four spots on the back of the tin. There are several dimples near the bottom of the tin. Click to see bottom of tin It measures approximately 7" at the widest point and 7" tall. (Stock number 003Dutchman) SOLD

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