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1980's Dynamite Magazines

Dynamite. April 1976 Cover and article: Face to Face with Fonzie! (Stock number 003dynamite7604) $10.00

Dynamite. October 1978 Cover and article: The Bee Gees vs. the Beatles! Who's the Greatest? (Stock number 003dynamite7810) $10.00

Dynamite. November 1978 Cover and article: The Secrets of Battlestar Galactica! (Stock number 003dynamite7811) $10.00

Dynamite. April 1979 Cover and article: Dynamite Discoveries of the Year! Christopher Reeve and Lynn-Holly Johnson (Stock number 003dynamite7904) $10.00

Dynamite. June 1979 Cover and article: Robin Williams: More than Mork! (Stock number 003dynamite7906) $10.00

Dynamite. July 1979 Cover and article: All in the Family - Monster Style! Daughter of Dracula, Son of Kong, Godzilla Jr. and more! (Stock number 003dynamite7907) $10.00

Dynamite. November 1979 Cover and article: The Dukes of Hazard! (Stock number 003dynamite7911) $10.00

Dynamite. December 1979 Cover and article: Steve Martin - A Wild and Crazy Guy! (Stock number 003dynamite7912) $10.00

Dynamite. January 1980 Cover and article: Robin Williams: Mork and His New Pals! (Stock number 003dynamite8001) $10.00

Dynamite. February 1980 Cover and article: Buck Rogers Then and Now! (Stock number 003dynamite8002) $10.00

Dynamite. March 1980 Cover and article: Live From New York: It's Gilda Radner! (Stock number 003dynamite8003) $10.00

Dynamite. August 1980 Cover and article: TV's Top Reruns - The Brady Bunch and More! (Stock number 003dynamite8008) $10.00

Dynamite. September 1980 Cover and article: Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker of "The Empire Strikes Back." (Stock number 003dynamite8009) $10.00

Dynamite. October 1980 Cover and article: Shaun Cassidy in Breaking Away! (Stock number 003dynamite8010) $10.00

Dynamite. November 1980 Cover: Fran Tarkenton, Cathy Lee Crosby and John Davidson of "That's Incredible." Articles: Magic Johnson, The Lone Ranger. (Stock number 003dynamite8011) $10.00

Dynamite. February 1981 Cover and article: Gary Coleman Grows Up and Stars in a New Movie! (Stock number 003dynamite8102) $10.00

Dynamite. April 1981 Cover: Elsa Lanchester as Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolfman and Bela Lugosi as Dracula in Count Morbida's Monstrous Movie Quiz. (Stock number 003dynamite8104) $10.00

Dynamite. June 1981 Cover: No, Gonzo! It's the Muppets Make a Picture - Not Take a Picture! (Stock number 003dynamite8106) $10.00

Dynamite. August 1981 Special Collector's Issue - All About Bummers! (Stock number 003dynamite8108) $10.00

Dynamite. October 1981 Cover and article: Dynamite Dares to Ride with the Dukes! (Stock number 003dynamite8110) $10.00

Dynamite. November 1981 Cover and article: Master Magician The Amazing Randi Tells the Truth About the Fakes! (Stock number 003dynamite8111) $10.00

Dynamite. December 1981 Cover and article: Happy Tenth Birthday, M*A*S*H! (Stock number 003dynamite8112) $10.00

Dynamite. January 1982 Cover and article: Meet Rick Springfield!. (Stock number 003dynamite8201) $10.00

Dynamite. June 1982 Cover and article: Annie - The Making of the Movie (Stock number 003dynamite8206) $10.00

Dynamite. August 1982 Cover and article: Sylvester Stallone. (Stock number 003dynamite8208) $10.00

Dynamite. September 1982 Cover and article: Scott Baio and Erin Moran of "Joanie Loves Chachi." (Stock number 003dynamite8209) $10.00

Dynamite. October 1982 Cover and article: E.T. Meet the Creature (Stock number 003dynamite8210) $10.00

Dynamite. November 1982 Cover and article: Muppet character from "The Dark Crystal." (Stock number 003dynamite8211) $10.00

Dynamite. May 1983 Cover and article: Kim Fields of "The Facts of Life." (Stock number 003dynamite8305) $10.00 SOLD

Dynamite. September 1983 Cover and article: Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff. (Stock number 003dynamite8309) $10.00

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