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Fan Magazines Featuring Elvis Presley

Movie Life April 1958. Elvis on cover. Articles on Rick Nelson, Clint Walker, James Garner and Hugh O'Brien. Cover soiled, corner folds. VG (Stock number 005epmag008) $30.00

TV Star Parade July 1958. Elvis on cover. Articles: Elvis in the Army, Rick Nelson, Cowboys. Cover soiled, corner folds. VG (Stock number 005epmag009) $30.00

Movie World May 1960. Elvis on cover. Elvis is Home: What Awaits Him? Articles on Liz Taylor and Fabian. Cover soiled, light water damage. VG (Stock number 005epmag010) $30.00

The Life and Death of Elvis Presley ©1977 B&W photos, color centerfold, inside and outside back cover and more. Covers Presley's life from the early years, the movies, hit records and later years. Edge folds, tiny tear, some rubbing, discolored paper. VG (Stock number 005epmag001) $25.00

Elvis - The Legend Still Lives On ©1978 All new memorial edition 1978. B&W photos, color centerfold, outside back cover and more. Complete filmography and discography. Some rubbing and light indentations on back cover. VG-F. (Stock number 005epmag002) $25.00

Rona Barrett's Hollywood Elvis: Gone for a Year but it still hurts! ©October 1978 Article with black & white pictures. Also articles on Robert Wagner, Anthony Quinn, Andy Gibb. Tiny fold lower left corner, edge dent. VG-F (Stock number 005epmag003) $18.00

The Elvis Cover-up ©1980 "The true story of how Elvis Presley died - and the attempt to silence it." Many B&W and color photos. F. (Stock number 005epmag004) $25.00

Modern People - A Special Tribute to Elvis ©June 1981 Many B&W photos, one color photo. F. (Stock number 005epmag005 $20.00

The Only Woman Elvis Ever Loved - Priscilla: Her Story ©1977 Many B&W and color photos. F. (Stock number 005epmag006) $22.00

TV Picture Life "Elvis Alive in Memphis Home! - The Amazing Story that couldn't be told till now!" ©December 1977 Article and black and white photos. Other articles on Marie Osmond, Farrah Fawcett Majors and Groucho Marx. Some creasing and upper right and lower right corner folds. (Stock number 005epmag007 $18.00

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