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English Actors and Actresses - Midget Postcards

An interesting collection of English Actor and Actress Photo Postcards in a novel midget size. Approx. 2 3/4" x 3 1/2" in size. Circa 1904. Postally unused unless otherwise stated.

003empc23 | 003empc24

Anna Held (Stock number 003empc23) $12.00

Miss Millie Legarde (Stock number 003empc24) $12.00

003empc21| 003empc22

Miss Gertie Millar (Stock number 003empc21) SOLD

Miss Madge Crichton (Stock number 003empc22) $12.00

003empc25 | 003empc26

Miss Vesta Tilley (Stock number 003empc25) SOLD

Miss Ethel Mathews (Stock number 003empc26) $12.00

003empc27 | 003empc28

Mrs. Brown Potter (Stock number 003empc27) SOLD

Miss Dorothy Frostik (Stock number 003empc28) $12.00

003empc29 | 003empc30

Miss Lillian Braithwaite (Stock number 003empc29) $12.00

Miss Olga Nethersole Postally used (Stock number 003empc30) $12.00

003empc31 | 003empc32

Mr. George Alexander Postally used (Stock number 003empc31) $12.00

Mr Wilson Barrett (Stock number 003empc32) $12.00

003empc33 | 003empc34

Miss Lydia Fiopp (Stock number 003empc33) $12.00

Mr H. B Irving (Stock number 003empc34) $12.00

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