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Movie Star and Pop Singer "Fan" Pinback Buttons

A small selection of "Fan" pinback buttons from the 1950's. Those were the days when it was cool to display a picture of your favorite movie star or singing sensation on your coat or blouse. These buttons are all 2.5" in diameter and in very nice condition.

003pinBoone1| 003pinBoone2

Pat Boone Signature Pin "Your Pal, Pat Boone" (Stock number 003pinBoone1) $15.00

Pat Boone (Black & white) (Stock number 003pinBoone2) $15.00

003pinSands1| 003pinSands2

Tommy Sands (Stock number 003pinSands1) $15.00

Tommy Sands Signature Pin "Sincerely Tommy Sands" (Stock number 003pinSands2) $15.00


Perry Como Signature Pin "Sincerely, Perry Como" (Stock number 003pinComo1) $15.00

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