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Flag Girls of All Nations Series Tobacco Silks

A Selection of Circa 1910 Flag Girls of All Nations Tobacco Silks issued by NEBO and ZIRA Cigarettes. (American Tobacco Co.) These silks are in very good or better condition. Measure approx. 3" x 5" $12.00 each unless otherwise marked.

Austria (003ffg01) | Belgium (003ffg12) | China (003ffg02)

Denmark (003ffg03) | Egypt (003ffg14)

England (003ffg04) | France (003ffg15) SOLD | Germany (003ffg16) |

Greece (003ffg05) SOLD | Holland (003ffg06) | Japan (003ffg08) SOLD

Mexico (003ffg20) | Norway (003ffg09) | Portugal (003ffg10)

Russia (003ffg25) | Spain (003ffg21)

Sweden (003ffg22) | Switzerland (003ffg23)

American Girl (003ffg18) SOLD | Cuba (003ffg19) SOLD | Ireland (003ffg17) SOLD

Italy (003ffg07) SOLD | Scotland (003ffg11) SOLD | Canada (003ffg13a) SOLD

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