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Catalogue of Presents for Tobacco Tags, Cigar Bands Etc Florodora Tag Company


This is a 42 page catalog which lists "Presents Described On The Following Pages Are Offered For The Return of the Specified Number of Tobacco Tags or Their Equivalent in Cigar Bands, Coupons, etc., Which May Be Assorted in Securing Presents. Issued in January 1905. and expiring Nov. 30th 1905. Florodora Tag Company. Included Tin Tags from Star, Spear Head, Bootjack, Piper Heidseick, Good Luck, Old Honesty, Master Workman, Pick, E. Rice Greenville, Crusher, Horse Shoe, Standard Navy, Five Brothers, J.T. Razor, Battle Ax and Many others. Also Various Paper Tags, Cigar Bands and Coupons. Approx. 3.25" x 6.25", Some cover waterstaining and penciled notes. Not illustrated. (Stock number 003Florodora2) $50.00


80 page catalogue of presents for tobacco tags and coupons offered by The Florodora Tag Company 1903.. A huge variety of personal and household items were available for as little as 25 coupons (a child's knife, fork and spoon set) to 90,000 for an grand piano. Clothing, furniture, musical instruments, sporting goods, watches, bicycles, washing machines, suitcases and more could be had. The following tags taken from plug tobaccos could be redeemed: B & L, Black Swan, Briar Pipe, Buckhorn, Badger Blue Ribbon, Bag Pipe, Black and Tan, Mayo's Cut Plug etc. Over 120 different tags. Plus Cigar Bands, Cheroot Coupons, Cigarette Coupons. Approx. 7" x 10" Front and rear covers embossed. Some cover stains, otherwise very nice condition. (Stock number 003Florodora) SOLD


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