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Miniature Airline Flight Bags

Not so very long ago travel by air was stylish, comfortable and relaxed. The airlines provided passengers on long, overnight flights, especially First Class passengers, with small flight bags filled with useful notions. Razors, hand lotion, eye shades, comfortable booties, tooth brushes, and more helped make the trip more commodious. Some of these diminutive bags, less than 6", were made from plastic, canvas or nylon. Others were fairly luxurious leather cases. We offer bags from airlines who were once premier carriers such as PanAm, now deceased. Other bags are from lesser known airlines, many of these no longer in existence. Many are ideal as a mini handbag for those who go out with an ATM card, drivers license and car keys. All are in very good to excellent condition.

Aero Mexico (Plastic) (Stock number 003fbAeroMex1) $15.00

Alitalia (Fabric) (Stock number 003fbAlitalia1) $15.00

American Airlines Click for image Fitted plastic bag with contents. (Stock number 003fbAA2) $15.00

British Airways Click for Image Nylon bag with contents. (Stock number 003fbBAA1) $15.00

Delta (Plastic with contents) Click for image (Stock number 003fbDelta2) $15.00

Delta Click for image (Plastic) (Stock number 003fbDelta3) $10.00

Delta Click for image (Plastic with contents) (Stock number 003fbDelta4) $15.00

El Al (Plastic) (Stock number 003fbELAL1) $15.00

El Al Click for image (Plastic) (Stock number 003fbELAL2) $15.00

Iberia Click for image (Nylon fanny pack) (Stock number 003fbIberia1) $10.00

KLM Click for image Leatherette zippererd amenity bag. (Stock number 003fbKLM1) $12.00

PanAm Click for interior (Leather) (Stock number 003fbPanAm2) $25.00 SOLD

Pan Am Click for image (Canvas) (Stock number 003fbPanAm1) $15.00

Pan Am Click for image (Quilted nylon) (Stock number 003fbPanAm3) $15.00

Pan Am Click for image (Leatherette) (Stock number 003fbPanAm4) $15.00

Pacific Northern Airlines (Plastic) (Stock number 003fbPNA1) $15.00 SOLD

TWA (Plastic) (Stock number 003fbTWA2) $15.00

TWA Click for image (Plastic) (Stock number 003fbTWA1) $10.00

TWA Click for image (Leather) (Stock number 003fbTWA3) $15.00

United Airlines (Plastic and cardboard) (Stock number 003fbUA1) $25.00

United Airlines Click for image Nylon (Stock number 003fbUA2) $15.00

USAir Click to view Nylon. Some contents (Stock Number 003fbUSAIR1) $15.00

Varig Click for image (Quilted nylon with contents) (Stock number 003fbVarig1) $15.00

Virgin Click for image (Nylon) (Stock number 003fbVirgin1) $10.00

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