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Football Caricatures by MAC - John Player & Son 1927 Cigarette Cards-Singles

John Player & Sons, Branch of The Imperial Tobacco Co. English cigarette card. Issued in 1927 this series of 50 Cards shows a caricatures of English Football Players drawn by MAC. Cards measure approx. 1 3/8" x 2 5/8". Priced as marked. All are in Fine or better condition unless otherwise marked

1. Hugh Adcock. Leicester City (Stock number 003pfc001) $15.00

3. S.W. Austin Manchester City and England (Stock number 003pfc002) $15.00

4. Ernie Beecham Fulham (Stock number 003pfc003) $15.00

5. Joe Bradford Birmingham. (Stock number 003pfc004) $15.00

6. W.I. Bryant. Millwall and England (Stock number 003pfc005) $15.00

7. George Camsell Middlebrough (Stock number 003pfc006) $15.00

9. Tommy Cook. Brighton and Hove Albion (Stock number 003pfc045) $15.00

10. W.R. ("Dixie") Dean. Everton and England (Stock number 003pfc008) SOLD

11. Norman Dinsdale. Notts County. (Stock number 003pfc009) $15.00

12. John Fowler Swansea and Wales (Stock number 003pfc010) $15.00

13. Harry Foxall. Portsmouth (Stock number 003pfc011) $15.00

14. G. H. Green. Sheffield United and England (Stock number 003pfc012) $15.00

15. Lieut. K. E. Hegan. The Army, Corinthians and England (Stock number 003pfc013) $15.00 SOLD

17. A. James. Preston N.E. and Scotland (Stock number 003pfc014) $15.00

18. Tom Jennings Leeds United (Stock number 003pfc015) $15.00

19. Bob John. The Arsenal and Wales (Stock number 003pfc016) $15.00

20. F.W. Kean. Sheffield Wednesday and England (Stock number 003pfc017) $15.00

21 Wilfred Kirkham Port Vale (Stock number 003pfc018) $15.00

22. T. Lucas Liverpool and England (Stock number 003pfc019) $15.00

23. T. Magee. West Bromwich Albion (Stock number 003pfc020) $15.00

24. Albert McInroy. Sunderland and England (Stock number 003pfc021) $15.00

25. Bob McKay. Newcastle United (Stock number 003pfc022) $15.00

26. D.H. Morris. Swindon Town (Stock number 003pfc023) $15.00

27. Frank Osbourne. Tottenham Hotspur (Stock number 003pfc024) $15.00

28. William Rawlings. Southhampton and England (Stock number 003pfc025) $15.00

29. James Ruffell. West Ham and England. (Stock number 003pfc026) $15.00

30. G. Sommerville. Burnley (Stock number 003pfc027) $15.00

32. H. Thoms. Derby County. (Stock number 003pfc029) $15.00

33. W. Wadsworth. Bristol City (Stock number 003pfc030) $15.00

34. Thomas Watson. Cardiff City (Stock number 003pfc031) $15.00

36. A. Wood. Clapton Orient. (Stock number 003pfc032) $15.00

37. R.E. York. Aston Villa and England (Stock number 003pfc033) $15.00

38. M.J. Bradley. Dolphin and Ireland (Stock number 003pfc034) $15.00

39. C.W. Carr. Barrow (Stock number 003pfc035) $15.00

41. T.E. Holliday. Oldham (Stock number 003pfc036) $15.00

42. H.C. Laird. Harlequins and England (Stock number 003pfc037) $15.00

43. J. B. Nelson. Glscow Academicals and Scotland. (Stock number 003pfc038) $15.00

45. W.C. Powell. London Welsh and Wales (Stock number 003pfc039) $15.00

46. K.A. Sellar. Royal Navy and England. (Stock number 003pfc040) $15.00

47. I. S. Smith. Oxford University and Scotland (Stock number 003pfc041) $15.00

48. James Sullivan. Wigan and England (Stock number 003pfc042) $15.00

49. J.S. Tucker. Bristol and England (Stock number 003pfc043) $15.00

50. B.R. Turnbull. Cambridge University and Wales (Stock number 003pfc044) $15.00

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