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Gallery of Players No. 3 - Actor and Actress Biographies

Gallery of Players from The Illustrated American. No. 2. Edited by Charles FDC. Nirdlinger. Copyright 1894 by Lorillard Spencer. NY. Each artist had a full page photo and a page of text describing their career. Paperback. 9" x 12.5". Has rolled near the spine. 1.5" tear at top of spine. 48 pages. . Interior is clean, glossy paper,(Stock number 003GalPlayers) $50.00

The players include:

Julia Arthur, Stuart Robson, Marie Tempest, N.C. Goodwin, Eldora Duse, Francis Wilson, Bertha Waltzinger, Herbert Kelcey, Effie Shannon, Thomas W. Keene, Julia Marlowe, Charles Dickson, Effie Ellser, Edward Harrigan, Grace Golden, Alexander Salvini, Mena Ckleary, Walter Jones, Eleanor Mayo, James A. Herne, Marie Wainwright, Nelson Wheatcroft.

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