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Turkish Trophies - Hamilton King Girls - Premium Cigarette Cards

Issued in 1902 by S. Anargyros as a premium for which coupons packed in Turkish Trophies Cigarettes were redeemed. These cigarette or tobacco cards are generically referred to as Hamilton King Cards even though Hamilton King did not furnish all of the designs. The cards were issued in 5 series. Cards 1-12 are referred to as Sketches. Cards 13-24 as Girls. Cards 25-36 as Bathing Girls. These first 3 series were drawn by Hamilton King. The fourth series is Period Gowns Cards 37-61 and these were drawn by Mayer. The 5th series were Flag Girls Cards 62-86 and were drawn by Sonn. Cards are approx. 6" x 8" Tack holes are a common defect since this series made it to many a young man's wall.

A Quiet Game. Card No. 16. Tack hole Some rubbing VG+ (Stock number 003hamking16) SOLD (Shown above)

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Raining in London Card number 13. Some surface scratches, nick at right edge VG+ (Stock number 003hamking13a) $22.00

Up To Date - Ping Pong Girl Card number 14. Some edge wear VG-EX (Stock number 003hamking14a) $25.00

Princeton Girl Card Number 15. Some edge wear. Tack holes at top and bottom. Corner creases. VG (Stock number 003hamking15a) $18.00

Princeton Girl Card Number 15. Some edge wear. . VG -EX(Stock number 003hamking15b) $30.00

Monte Carlo Girl Card Number 17.EX (Stock number 003hamking17b) $25.00

A Warm Baby Card number 18. EX (Stock number 003hamking18a) $25.00

Floradora Card number 20. EX (Stock number 003hamking20a) $25.00

Bessie - "Stroke" at Vassar. Card No. 22. EX (Stock number 003hamking22c) $25.00

Just From London Card number 23. Some edge wear, creases VG (Stock number 003hamking23a) $22.00

Palm Beach Girl Card No. 30 EX (Stock number 003hamking30a) $30.00

Narragansett Pier Girl Card No. 32 Corner Creases VG-EX (Stock number 003hamking32a) $26.00

Long Branch Girl Card No. 36 EX(Stock number 003hamking36b) $30.00

1730. Card No. 39 Tack holes. Rubbing. VG (Stock number 003hamking39) $16.00

1870 Card No. 55 Tack hole some edge rubbing VG+ (Stock number 003hamking55) $18.00

1875 Card No. 56. Tack hole. Some rubbing VG (Stock number 003hamking56) $16.00

1882 Card No. 57 Tack hole, some edge rubbing VG+ (Stock number 003hamking57) $18.00

1890 Card No. 58. Tack hole. Some edge rubbing VG+ (Stock number 003hamking58) $18.00

Mexico. Card No. 81. Edge rubbing and upper left corner fold. VG (Stock number 003hamking81) $16.00

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