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Find of Newspaper Funny Pages Proof Sheets

We have been fortunate enough to acquire a supply of comic page proof sheets from 1935 - 1940. These color newspaper comics appeared weekly every Sunday. The comic strips on each page are "Henry" by Carl Anderson and "The Pussycat Princess" by Ed. Anthony, drawn by Ruth Carrol. Each proof sheet is different and has been folded in the middle. Some have thumbtack holes at the top and bottom from their use at the paper. Size 17 1/2" x 24".

Both of these comic strips are King Features Syndicate.

December 19, 1937 | January 26, 1941

June 7, 1936 Click to view

Henry comes down with measles and figures out a way to profit from them. (Stock number 003Hen060736) $35.00

June 28, 1936 Click to view

Henry tries to hit a bird with a slingshot but gets pecked on the head for his effort. He returns wearing a helmet and a wagon full of stones. (Stock number 003Hen062836) $35.00

July 26, 1936 Click to view

After Henry visits a gallery holding a modernistic exhibit he returns home to try his hand. He uses a large seed roller to create a prize winning work of art. (Stock number 003Hen072636) $35.00

March 28, 1937 Click to view

When Henry sees a dog being kicked out of a butcher shop he decides on an unconventional way to feed him. He removes a large bone from a dinosaur skeleton but is forced to return it. (Stock number 003Hen032837) $35.00

April 11, 1937 Click to view

Henry shares a park bench with a little boy eating a tantalizing piece of cake that he refuses to share. Henry, wearing roller skates, attempts to kick the boy as he is walking away and ends on his rear. (Stock number 003Hen041137) $35.00

April 18, 1937 Click to view

Henry discovers a pair of cowboy boots with spurs in his house. He puts the spurs on and rolls down the stairs careening into a man standing at the front door knocking him down. (Stock number 003Hen041837) $35.00

April 25, 1937 Click to view

Henry puts paste over his dog and shakes a pillow full of feathers over him. He then enters him in a dog show and wins a prize. Unfortunately the feathers make the judge sneeze revealing the mutt beneath. (Stock number 003Hen042537) $35.00

May 2, 1937 Click to view

Henry watches a cook gracefully flipping flapjacks. He goes home to try it himself. He makes one huge pancake, gets a coal shovel to flip it and is dismayed to see it stuck on the ceiling. (Stock number 003Hen050237) $35.00

May 9, 1937 Click to view

Henry looks enviously at a boy with a new ball and bat. He also belatedly realizes it is Mother's Day and asks his Father for money for a present. When his Mother opens the large package she is surprised to see a bat and ball. (Stock number 003Hen050937) $35.00

May 23, 1937 Click to view

Henry checks a chicken's nest for eggs and finds none. He watches a man shake and kick a vending machine in order to get his candy. Henry goes back to the hen house, kicks and shakes the nest and is delighted to find an egg. (Stock number 003Hen052337) $35.00

May 30, 1937 Click to view

Henry takes a bumpy ride on a horse and is thrown by it. He puts glue on the saddle but before he can remount the owner comes along. The owner mounts the horse and is surprised by a loud ripping side when his pants stick to the saddle. (Stock number 003Hen053037) $35.00

June 6, 1937 Click to view

Henry has a toothache and attempts to pull it out by fastening a string to a door, a car and a rock. None of those methods work. But when he threw the rock in the pond a fish jumped out of the water. He is last seen with the string tied to a float. (Stock number 003Hen060637) $35.00

June 13, 1937 Click to view

Henry tests the depth of the water in a swimming hole and then sets up a makeshift diving board out of a plank of wood and a large rock. Henry places his clothes on the rock and when he dives in the rock and his clothes fly into the pond. (Stock number 003Hen061337) $35.00

July 11, 1937 Click to view

Henry's Uncle Bill was stung by bees. Henry goes to visit him and brings him a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately as he passes some bee hives, the bees follow Henry into his uncle's bedroom. His uncle is understandably terrified. (Stock number 003Hen071137) $35.00

October 3, 1937 Click to view

Henry going bowling and chooses a very large ball that slips out of his fingers and smashes onto his foot. To solve this problem he pours glue into the holes. A man comes along, takes the ball from Henry and ends up sliding down the alley with his fingers stuck in the ball. (Stock number 003Hen100337) $35.00

October 10, 1937 Click to view

Henry helps his friend remove the straight pins from his new shirt. Unfortunately they missed one and could not find it until Henry had the bright idea of using a magnet to locate it. (Stock number 003Hen101037) $35.00

October 24, 1937 Click to view

Henry is riding in his little car when a man who is walking and reading a newspaper falls into a manhole. Henry tries to pull him out by tying a rope to his car and throwing the other end of the rope to the man. Unfortunately the man is stuck so Henry ties his car to a larger one. (Stock number 003Hen102437) $35.00

November 28, 1937 Click to view

Henry sees a turkey in his yard, then grabs a tapemeasure from the house. He measures the turkey and then he measures the oven and realizes the turkey won't fit. Henry then puts the turkey on an electric weight reducing belt. (Stock number 003Hen112837) $35.00

December 5, 1937 Click to view

Henry looks lustfully at a sign for a triple-dip ice cream soda and a Western playing at the movies. He then encounters a friend on his way to the dentist to have a tooth removed. Henry yanks the tooth out by attaching a string to the tooth and a door. The two boys then use the money for the dentist to treat themselves to ice cream and a movie. (Stock number 003Hen120537) $35.00

December 12, 1937 Click to view

Henry is walking down the street loudly playing a drum. He flips the drumsticks into the air where they are caught by a man in the first floor apartment. After Henry flips the drum into the air the man grabs it, smashes it on Henry's head and proceeds to bang away on it. (Stock number 003Hen121237) $35.00

December 19, 1937 Click to view

Henry sees a pretty girl admiring a Persian cat in the pet store window. Henry finds a stray, powders it white, ties a bow around its neck and gives it to the girl. Unfortunately it starts to rain, the powder washes off and the girl throws the cat at Henry. (Stock number 003Hen121937) $35.00

December 26, 1937 Click to view

Henry sees two people walking down the street eating a jumbo cream puff. Henry rushes to the pastry shop, buys a cream puff which the baker fills for him. When the baker's back is turned Henry goes to the machine and pumps enough cream into the pastry so that it explodes. Henry leaves the shop covered in cream but with a huge cream puff and very happy. (Stock number 003Hen121237) $35.00

January 26, 1941 Click to view

Henry notices his shadow on the fence and on the wall. A gentleman rather boastfully shows him how to make shadow figures with his hands. Henry then takes some black paint and paints an elaborate woman's head on the wall and pretends to be using his hands to throw this shadow. The gentleman is totally confounded by this amazing feat. (Stock number 003Hen012641) $35.00

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