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Country and Western Song Magazines

Early Country and Western Music Song Magazines.

Hillbilly and Cowboy Hit Parade (Words, Music, Chords for Guitar, Uke and Banjo)

1949. Songs: A Year and A Day; Ball of Fire, Crazy Boogie, Don't Bother to Cry, (Don't Telephone, Don't Telegraph) Tell A Woman. Here today and Gone Tomorrow, I'll Forget If You'll Forgive, I'm Writing A Letter to Heaven, Ruby Red Lips, Save The Alcohol, Texas Bell, The Gal I Left Behind Me. Minor waterstaining lower left corner. (Stock number 005hill008) $20.00

1951. Songs: Heartbreak Trail, I Love you a Thousand Ways, I Overlooked an Orchid, If You've got the Money, I've got the time, I've got five dollars and it's Saturday Night, I've got the Craziest Feeling, Kentucky Waltz, Look what Thoughts will do, Mockin' Bird Hill, New Panhandle Rag, On Top of Old Smoky, Shine, Shave, Shower, Slippin' Around with Jole Blon, Teardrop Waltz, You Don't Know What Lonesome is. Front cover detached, back cover missing. (Stock number 005hill025) $20.00 SOLD

1954. Vol. 1 No. 5. Songs: A Dear John Letter, Bimbo, Caribbean, Forgive me John, I'm not a Kid Anymore, I'm Walking the Dog, It's Written in the Stars, Marriage of Mexican Joe, North Wind, Run 'em Off, Sorrow and Pain, There Stands the Glass, You're My Downfall. (Stock number 005hill021) $20.00

1954. Vol. 1 No. 8. Songs: A Fooler, A Faker; A Place for Girls Like You; Beatin' on the Ding Dong, Breaken the Rules, Chapel of Memories, Dancerette, Don't Drop It, Go, Boy Go; High On A Hilltop; Honky Tonk Girl; I Always Get A Souvenir; If You Don't Want It; Lookin Back to See; Mother, Call My Name in Prayer; Then I'll Stop Lovin You, The Touch of God's Hand, Two Whoops and A Holler' We've Gone Too Far, You Can't Have My Love . Top inch of cover soiled. (Stock number 005hill011) $18.00

1955. Vol. 1 No. 11. Songs: Annie Over, Are You Mine?, Hey Maw!, How Quick?, I Can't Stand it any Longer, I Feel Better All Over, If Lovin' You is Wrong, If You Ain't Lovin', I'm Gonna Fall Out of Love with You, Kisses Don't Lie, Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young, Make Believe, One Broken Heart Don't Mean a Thing, Train Whistle Blues, Where Does a Broken Heart Go?, The Wilder Your Heart Beats, Worried Mind. (Stock number 005hill028) $20.00 SOLD

1955. Vol. 1 No. 13. Songs: A Satisfied Mind, Cryin', Prayin', Waitin', Hopin', Daddy, You know What?, Forgive Me, Dear, I Don't Care, I'm Glad I Got to See You Once Again, I'm Hurtin' Inside, I'm in Love with You, Let Down, Let Me Talk to You, No Letter Today, Peach Pickin' Time Down in Georgia, Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes, The Best Mistake, There She Goes, There's Poison in Your Heart, Wabash Cannon Ball, Wildwood Flower, Your Good for Nothing Heart, Your Heart is an Island. (Stock number 005hill029) $20.00

1956. Vol. 1 No. 14. Songs: All Right, Beautiful Lies, Dear Mr. Brown, Don't Tease Me, For the Love of a Woman Like You, Here Today and Gone Tomorrow, I Can't go Home Like This, I Just Dropped in to Say Goodbye, If You were Me, It's a Great Life, Learning to Love, Most of All, Mule Skinner Blues, Simple Simon, Simple Heart, Temptation, Go Away, That do Make if Nice, Yaller Rose of Texas, You-All, Yonder Comes a Sucker, You Oughta See Pickles Now. (Stock number 005hill014) $20.00 SOLD

1956. Vol. 1 No. 15. Songs: Don't Take it out on Me, Honey, Honey Bee Ball, I Don't Believe You've Met my Baby, I Love You More and More Each Day, I Thought of You, I'll Be Gone, I've Lived a Lot in My Time, Lonely Side of Town, Love, Love, Love, Pigtails and Ribbons, Seasons of my Heart, Second Chance, Sinful Secret, Why, Baby, Why. (Stock number 005hill030) $20.00

1956. Vol. 1 No. 16. Songs: A Good Woman's Love, Blackboard of My Heart, 'Cause I Love You, Eat, Drink and Be Merry, How Far is Heaven?, If Jesus Came to your House, If You Do, Dear, If You Were Mine, I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter, I'm Not Mad, Just Hurt, I've Changed, I've got Five Dollars and it's Saturday Night, Only You, Yes, I Know Why, You're Still Mine. (Stock number 005hill016) $20.00 SOLD

1956. Vol. 2 No. 17. Songs: Any Old Time, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Conscience I'm Guilty, Half as Good a Girl, Honky Tonk Man, Hoping that You're Hoping, Searching, Twenty Feet of Muddy Water, Until I Met You, The Waltz of the Angels, We'll Find a Way, Woman's Love, You Are the One, You Can Give My Heart Back Now, You Done Me Wrong, You Gotta Be My Baby. (Stock number 005hill031) $20.00 SOLD

1957. Vol. 2 No. 18. Songs: According to my Heart, Before I Met You, Hello Old Broken Heart, I'll be Satisfied with Love, I'm a One Woman Man, I'm Really Glad you Hurt Me, It Makes No Difference Now, I've Got a New Heartache, Jimmie Rodgers' Last Blue Yodel, Just One More, Live and Let Live, Poor Man's Riches, Teenage Boogie, Treat her Right, Turn her Down, Two Won't Care, Wicked Lies. (Stock number 005hill023) $20.00

1957. Vol. 4 No. 20. Songs: A Girl in the Night, Dear Love, Fraulein, I Miss You Already, Honky Tonk Song, Live and Let Live, Missing You, Rockin' in the Congo, Someday, The Woman I Need, Try to Take it Like a Man, Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On. (Stock number 005hill033) $20.00

1957-1958. Vol. 5 No. 21. Songs: Emotions, (I'll Always be Your) Fraulein, Geisha Girl, Holiday for Love, I Heard the Bluebirds Sing, I'll do it Every Time, Is it Wrong, Make me Live Again, My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You, Standing at the End of My World, Tears are Only Rain, The Blue Grass Waltz, The Gods were Angry with Me, Why Why. (Stock number 005hill022) $20.00

1958. Vol. 5 No. 22. Songs: Anna Marie, Camel Walk Stroll, Dance to the Bop, How Long, I Found My Girl in the USA, Just a Little Lonesome, Lost to a Geisha Girl, New Panhandle Rag, One Week Later, Roc-a-Chicka, Slipping Around, The Locket, Your Name is Beautiful, You're So Easy to Love. Covers detached. (Stock number 005hill034) $20.00

1958. Vol. 6 No. 23. Songs: Big Black Train, Color of the Blues, Cryin' over You, Daddy's Geisha Girl, Good-night, Mr. Sun, I Love You More, I'm the Girl in the U.S.A., It's all Your Fault, It's Written in the Stars, Just a Queen for a Day, On a Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor, Put Me in your Pocket, Susie's House, Tomorrow We'll Retire, What Makes a Man Wander, You'll Come Back. Covers detached. (Stock number 005hill019) $18.00

1958-1959. Vol. 6 No. 25. Songs: A Love Was Born, Billy Bayou, Falling Back to You, He's Lost His Love for Me, It Makes no Difference Now, I've Got the Craziest Feeling, Nothing Can Stop Me, Squaws Along the Yukon, This Cold War with You, Till I'm the Only One, Tupelo County Jail, Violet and a Rose, Walking the Slow Walk. (Stock number 005hill035) $20.00

1959. Vol. 7 No. 26. Songs: All the Time, Finally, Have Blues will Travel, How Can I Think of Tomorrow, If I Don't Love You, It Makes no Difference Now, Last Night at a Party, Life to Go, Mister Moon, Mommy for a Day, Rock Hearts, Sittin' Alone, Slipping Around, That's what it's like to be Lonesome, Treasure of Love, When it's Springtime in Alaska. (Stock number 005hill020) $20.00

1959. Vol. 7 No. 27. Songs: A Thousand Miles Ago, Black Land Farmer, Dark Hollow, Doggone That Train, Home, If Heartache is the Fashion, It's All My Heartache, The Knoxville Girl, Long Time to Forget, Oh, How I Miss You, Set Him Free, Shackles and Chains, What Do You Know About Heartaches, What Goes on in Your Heart, When the Band Plays the Blues, White Lightning. (Stock number 005hill036) $20.00

Hillbilly Hit Parade (Words, Music, Chords for Guitar, Uke and Banjo)

No. 8 1952. Anything Your Heart Desires, Broken Merry-Go-Round, Columbus Stockade Blues, Fool's Paradise, Hangman's Boogie, I'll Keep on Loving You, Mollie Darling, Peach Picking Time Down in Georgia, Sick Sober and Sorry, Steal Away, Talk to Your Heart, Teardrops in My Heart, The Little Brown Church in the Vale, The Little Girl in My Home Town, The Wild Side of Life, They Took The Stars Out of Heaven, Three Ways of Knowing, Till The End of The World. (005hill005) $20.00 SOLD

Hillbilly-Western Songs (Words, Music, Chords for Guitar, Uke and Banjo)

No. 1 1950. Slipping Around, I'll Never Slip Around Again. Tellin' My Troubles to My Old Guitar, All I Need is Some More Lovin, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Some Other World, Oh! Mo'Nah!, Roll Along Kentucky Moon, Mama, What'll I Do?, I'm Gonna Tear Down The Mailbox, Maybe I'll Cry Over You, Till The End of the World, Shackles and Chains, Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle, This Cold War With You (005hill006) $20.00 SOLD

No. 2 1950. Afraid, Alone Again, Before You Call, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Blues in My Mind, Bringin' In The Georgia Mail, Faded Love and Winter Roses, Foggy River, I Wear Your Memory in My Heart, I Talk to Myself About You, Our Own Joie Blond, Ozark Valley Waltz, Roly Poly, Thanks for the Heartaches, The Black Sheep Returned to the Fold, The Songbirds are Singing in Heaven, There's A Big Rock in the Road, There's Two Sides to Every Story, Waltz of the Wind. We Live in Two Different Worlds. (005hill007) $20.00 SOLD

Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine

1947. Issue No. 3 Elton Britt Cover and Article. Songs (Lyrics Only): Swingin' to a Saddle Serenade, Got the West on My Mind, I Kiss Your Picture Goodnite, How could I Guess, Moonlight in Old Santa Fe, We'll Go Ridin' Down the Trail, Meet Me in Dallas, Spell of the Prairie, Daddy's Yodel Lullaby, Pinto, Old Pal, Goodbye, Cowboy's Last roundup, At the End of Rainbow Trail, It's So Good to Have You Home to Stay, If I had My Life to Live Over Again, Song of the West, Walkin' in the Rain, Then You Know Why I'm Lonesome, Feelin' So Deep in the Blue, Then I'll Grow Tired of You, On the Shores of Alamoso, Mem'ries of My Old Kentucky Home, Texas Trails Are Callin' Me, Waiting in the Moonlight, The Salt River Valley. (005hill038) $20.00

December 1947. Issue No. 4 Bill Boyd Cover and Article. Songs (Lyrics Only): Take Me Back to the Ozarks, Got No Time, I've Had My Way, Sage Brush Soprano, Montana, I Hear You Calling Me, Don't Ever Say Goodbye, Let's You and I Be Sweethearts, Any Time is Love Time, When I found You in Montana, Keep a Place in Your Heart for Me, You're Gonna Be Sorry, Crying in my Beer, Rose of the Cimmarron, Don't You Cry for Me, Since You've Been Gone, Won't You Come Back, The Dream Waltz, I'll be Waiting in Dream Valley, Aint'cha Sorry, Aint'cha Blue, Starlight Starbright, Yellow Moon, Keep Shinin', Goin' Back to Idaho, Those Two Little Kids of Mine, Dream On, Little Cowboy, Dream On. (005hill039) $20.00

Music Folio of Popular Western Songs (Words, Music, Piano, Chords for Guitar, Uke and Banjo)

1948. Vol. 1 No. 4. Songs: Silver on the Sage, Jingle Jangle Jingle, The Funny Old Hills, Prairieland Lullaby, Lazy Rolls the Rio Grande, Moonlight on the Sunset Trail, Beneath a Western Sky, Down the Old Ox Road, The Call of the Prairie, Twilight on the Trail, My Kind of Country, Little Rose of the Rancho. (005hill037) $25.00

1949. Vol. 1 No. 8. Songs: Divorce Me C.O.D., The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along, When You Cry You Cry Alone, Air Mail Special on the Fly, Behind Those Swinging Doors, So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed, Don't Wait Too Long to Forgive, Tear Stains on Your Letter, You Were Only Teasing Me, Kentucky Means Paradise, Slap 'Er Down Agin, Paw, Try Me One More Time, Somewhere in Utah, Sweet Temptation, Careless Darlin', Cincinnati Lou, Cool Water, B-One Baby, Who? Me?, Judy. (005hill040) $25.00

Country Song Roundup (Words Only)

August 1963 No. 81. 50+ Songs. Busted, Congratulations, Footprints on the Floor, I'll Hit it with a stick, Not that I care, Yellow Bandana, You've got me where you want me. (005hill026) $20.00

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