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Hollywood California - 1930's - Real-Photo Postcards

A Selection of 1930's vintage real photo postcards of Hollywood, California. Excellent examples in fine condition.

Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California. (Stock number 005capc01) $35.00

Famous Chinese Theatre. (Stock number 005capc02) $20.00

Civic Center - Los Angeles. (Photo by Fairchild Aerial Surveys) (Stock number 005capc05) $20.00

Vine Street Brown Derby (Stock number 005capc06) $20.00

Griffith Planetarium (Stock number 005capc07) $15.00

World Famous Owl Drug Store, Hollywood and Vine (Stock number 005capc08) $20.00

Wilshire Boulevard. Mac Arthur Park. (Stock number 005capc03) $15.00

Hollywood Bowl. (Stock number 005capc04) $15.00 SOLD

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