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Ice Capades and Ice Follies Souvenir Pins

Ice Capades

Ice Capades Skates - Plastic souvenir pin has a pair of skates, dangling from an "Ice Capades" pin. . She is approximately 2.75" long. Some scratches. (Stock number 002pin0321a) $30.00

Inky Dinky of the Ice Follies

Inky Dinky the Ice Follies Bear - Inky Dinky, a plastic charcoal gray bear pin, wears silver skates, red mittens and a red cap with a silver colored ball on top. A ribbon reading "Inky Dinky Ice Follies" is around his neck. It is marked Ice Follies on the back. There are signs that when new he was a fuzzy bear. He is approximately 2.5" tall. (Stock number 002pin0228b) $25.00 SOLD

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