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S67 American Indian Portraits Tobacco Silks

Issued by The American Tobacco Company circa 1910 and given in packages of Tokio Cigarettes these colorful silks illustrate the leaders of American Indian Tribes. (Burdick S67)

The silks measure approximately 2" x 3.25". Scanned images are the silk being offered and are approximately original size. Click on link to scanned image.

Big Bear Needs ironing (003s67-59) $18.00

Big Elk Excellent (003s67-65) $25.00

Big Snake Soiled, frayed (003s67-61) $15.00

Black Hawk. Light Fraying (003S67-66) $22.00

Chief Gall Excellent (003s67-63) $25.00

Deer Ham Light Fraying (003S67-67) $22.00

Iron Bull Light fraying (003s67-64) $22.00

John Grass Excellent (003S67-68) $25.00

Red Bird Stained and frayed (009s67-62) $15.00

Red Cloud Stained (003S67-69) $15.00

Red Shirt Excellent (003S67-72) $25.00

Rushing Bear Excellent (003S67-70) $25.00

Spotted Tail Light Fraying. Needs ironing (003S67-71) $22.00

White Swan Light fraying (003s67-60) $22.00

Grey Eagle (003s67-61) $15.00 SOLD

Mad Bear - tobacco stained (009s67-21) SOLD

Many Horns (003s67-56) SOLD

Noon Day - Frayed (003s67-44) SOLD

Noon Day - frayed, tobacco stained. (003s67-36) SOLD

Red Bird (003s67-31) SOLD

Red Thunder (003s67-37) SOLD

Striker (003s67-57) SOLD

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