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Indian School Baseball Team Real Photo Postcards - circa 1914

Not dated, but from an album of cards in the from a single traveler assembled over the 1910 - 1918 period, these cards represent a document of the efforts of our Federal Government to assimilate American Indian children into mainstream culture. The Phoenix Industrial Indian School and the Sherman Institute were examples of the Indian Boarding Schools which were important to these initiatives. The baseball teams pictured here were noted for their skills.

For more information on these institutions we provide the following off-site links (these are not part of the-forum and we do not control their content):

Phoenix Indian School - Archaeology Magazine Article

Sherman Institute - Sherman Indian High School History

Phoenix Industrial Indian School Baseball Team Real Photo Postcard (Stock Number 005bbpc01) SOLD

Sherman Institute Baseball Team Real Photo Postcard (Stock Number 005bbpc02) SOLD

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