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Ink Bottles

005ink23 | 005ink21 | 005ink22

(Stock number 005ink23) Aquamarine octagonal umbrella form ink bottle with cork stopper, smooth bottom. No markings. 2.5" high, 2.25" diameter. $15.00

(Stock number 005ink21) Aquamarine igloo ink bottle with sheared top. Marked in embossed letters on the side J&IEM. Also an embossed "6 petal flower" on bottom. Big chip on edge of opening. Click to see chip 1.5" high, 2" diameter. $45.00 SOLD

(Stock number 005ink22) Aquamarine octagonal ink bottle with sheared top. No markings. Chip on edge of rim, rough rim. $15.00

005ink20 | 005ink25 | 005ink26

(Stock number 005ink20) Clear glass octagonal ink bottle with sheared top, flat bottom. No markings. 1.75" high, 1.75" diameter. $10.00

(Stock number 005ink25) Clear glass cabin shaped ink bottle with sheared top. No markings. Rough rim. 2" wide x 1.5" deep x 2.25" high. $15.00

(Stock number 005ink26) Deep amber ink bottle with rolled rim, flat bottom. "B" embossed on bottom (Bertinquiot?). 2" high, 2.5" diameter. $20.00

005ink27 | 005ink28 | 005ink24 | 005ink07

(Stock number 005ink27) Aquamarine square ink bottle with decorative embossed lines and sheared top. No markings. 1.25" high, 1.25" square. $15.00

(Stock number 005ink28) Aquamarine barrel ink bottle with rolled mouth, flat bottom. No markings. 2.5" high, 1.75" diameter. $10.00

(Stock number 005ink24) Carter's Ink light green inverted funnel with rolled rim and flat bottom. Embossed "Carter's 99" on bottom. 2.5" high, 2.5" diameter. $10.00

(Stock number 005ink07) Caw's Ink aquamarine square ink bottle. Embossed "Caw's Ink New York" on front. $10.00

005ink01 | 005ink10 | 005ink11 | 005ink12

(Stock number 005ink01) Square clear bottle with label which reads "Onward DeLuxe Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink" Remains of ink in bottle, label torn & soiled, cap rusted. $15.00

(Stock number 005ink10) Carter's clear square ink bottle. Embossed "Carter's Made U.S.A." on bottom. $10.00

(Stock number 005ink11) Carter's clear cylindrical ink bottle. Embossed "Carter's Made in U.S.A." on bottom. $10.00

(Stock number 005ink12) Waterman's clear cylindrical ink bottle. Embossed "Waterman's Ink" on shoulder and This container made U.S.A. Carter's Made in U.S.A, 3" on bottom. $10.00

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