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Decorative Japanese Sheet Music

We have obtained a small collection of vintage Japanese sheet music. The songs come from several sources but they all appear to be songs in the public domain. All of these pieces share wonderful graphics; some in a distinctly Asian style others with a European or American flair. We have no precise knowledge of the exact dates of these pieces but they do appear to have some age.

First Love by Leo Edwards. (Stock number 003JapanShMus1) $15.00 SOLD

"Akita Obako" (La Canzone della Montanina) (Provincia Akita) Traditional woodblock depicts woman wearing the customary kimono. (Stock number 003JapanShMus2) $15.00 SOLD

Humoresque Very Deco looking cover. (Stock number 003JapanShMus3) $15.00 SOLD

Deep River (Old Negro Melody) An American spiritual is graphically reinterpreted in a woodblock to show a young Japanese woman fearfully contemplating the river before her. (Stock number 003JapanShMus4) $15.00 SOLD

Lock (Loch) Lomond Scottish folk song. Illustrated with a Japanese couple dressed in traditional Scottish dress. (Stock number 003JapanShMus5) $15.00 SOLD

"Shionai Obako" (La Canzone della Provincia Shionai) Japanese woodblock decorates a piece of sheet music for an Italian song. (Stock number 003JapanShMus6) $15.00 SOLD

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