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L50 and L51 - College Pennant-Shaped Leathers - Tobacco Premium

College Pennant Leathers were issued in 1908 by a variety of cigarette brands including Mogul, Murad, Egyptienne Straights, and Turkey Red. (Burdick designations L50 and L51). Many different styles were produced. These leathers bear no brand identification. Approximately 2.5" x 1.75"

Alfred $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-A01)

Amherst SOLD (Stock Number 003L50P-A02)

Baker $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-B01) SOLD

Bates $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-B02) SOLD

California $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-C01) SOLD

Carnegie Tech. $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-C02) SOLD

Chicago (Stock Number 003L50P-C03) SOLD

Cincinnati $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-C04) SOLD

Columbia SOLD (Stock Number 003L50P-C05)

Dartmuth (sic) $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-D02) SOLD

Denison $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-D01) SOLD

Fordham SOLD (Stock Number 003L50P-F01)

Idaho $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-I02) SOLD

Indiana $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-I01)

Kansas SOLD (Stock Number 003L50P-K01a)

Kansas SOLD (Stock Number 003L50P-K01b)

Kentucky $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-K02a) SOLD

Kentucky (Stock Number 003L50P-K02b) SOLD

Knox $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-K03b)

University of Louisville $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-L02) SOLD

Maine $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-M01a) SOLD

M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-M02a) SOLD

M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-M02b)

N. Dakota $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-N01)

Trinity College $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-T01)

Ohio University $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-O01)

Pennsylvania $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-P01)

Rochester $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-R02) SOLD

Rutgers $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-R01)

Leland Stanford Junior University $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-L01)

Stevens Institute of Technology $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-S01) SOLD

Swarthmore $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-S01a)

Swarthmore $13.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-S01b)

Syracuse University $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-S02) SOLD

Tufts $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-T01a)

University of Texas $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-T02)

Tufts $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-T01b) SOLD

Tufts $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-T01c)

Tulane $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-T02) SOLD

Vassar College with original envelope (Stock Number 003L50P-V01) SOLD

Vermont $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-V02a) SOLD

Vermont $13.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-V02b)

Washington & Jefferson $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-W01)

Western Reserve University $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-W02a)

Western Reserve University $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-W02b) SOLD

Wisconsin (Stock Number 003L50P-W03) SOLD

Wooster $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-W04a) SOLD

Wooster $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-W04b) SOLD

University of Wooster with original envelope (Stock Number 003L50P-W04c) SOLD

University of Wyoming $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-W05) SOLD

Yale $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-Y01)

Alfred $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-A01a)

Amherst SOLD (Stock Number 003L50P-A02a)

Baker $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-B01a)

Baldwin $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-B03a) SOLD

Bucknell $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-B03) SOLD

Colgate $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-C06) SOLD

Concordia $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-C07)

Cornell $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-C08) SOLD

Dartmouth $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-D02a)

Georgetown (Stock Number 003L50P-G01) SOLD

Holy Cross (Stock Number 003L50P-H01) SOLD

Kentucky $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-K02c)

Knox $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-K03a)

Maine $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-M01b)

Univ. of North Carolina (Stock Number 003L50P-N02) SOLD

Swarthmore $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-S01a)

Trinity $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-T01a)

Tufts $14.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-T02)

Washington & Lee $12.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-W06) SOLD

University of Kansas $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-K01c) SOLD

Marquette $15.00 (Stock Number 003L50P-M03a) SOLD

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