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Alf Landon 1936 Presidential Race Campaign Posters & Ephemera

Alfred (Alf) M. Landon and his running mate Frank Knox had the dubious honor of running for president and vice president against Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Garner in 1936. The extraordinarily popular Roosevelt, in his bid for a second term, received more than 60% of the popular vote. The campaign posters/flyers that we are offering picture the Republican candidate Alf Landon and Frank Knox, his running mate, as serious and thoughtful men. The sunflower, official flower of Kansas, Landon's home state, was a very popular image used in campaign ephemera.




Alf Landon and Frank Knox Political Lot Includes poster of Alf M. Landon (10" x 13.25"), poster of Frank Knox (10" x 13.25"), small sunflower pinback button (.75"), large sunflower pinback button (2.25"), paper Landon and Knox sunflower (4.5"), and a pamphlet put out by the Republican National committee called "The Farmer Pays." (Stock number 003Landon1) $35.00

Alf M. Landon - Republican Nominee for President 10" x 13.25" Center fold, lightly soiled. (Stock number 003Landon2) $20.00

Alf M. Landon - Republican Candidate for President 11" x 16" Center fold, lightly soiled, 1.5" tear at top, smaller tears on left edge. (Stock number 003Landon3) $20.00 SOLD

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