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Larkin Company Premium Catalogs

A major marketing force throughout the early years of the twentieth century, the Larkin Co. sold its soaps and other products through Larkin Clubs a form of early multi-level marketing. Premiums were an important part of their marketing program as devised by their early head of marketing - Elbert Hubbard. The demand for their premiums was so great that in some cases they bought their suppliers to insure a steady flow of premiums - such was the case with Buffalo Pottery.

1933 Larkin Catalog, a 222 page catalog chock full of premiums. Nice condition, minor chips on spine. (Stock number 003larkin33) $75.00

1933 Larkin Catalog, 110 edition. a 184 page catalog chock full of premiums. Cover wear and creases. rear cover separating, some page folds and other signs of use.. (Stock number 003larkin33a) $60.00

Spring and Summer 1924 194 page Catalog. Some edge tatters on rear pages. Otherwise quite nice. (Stock number 003larkin24) SOLD

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