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Portsmouth, NH Naval Shipyard Submarine Launch Souvenirs

Although outside of our dealer's area of expertise, we believe these 1 3/4" silver disks with strings to be souvenirs of World War II submarine launches at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Some have creases but over all these are in very nice condition. $15.00 each (005launch)

U.S.S. Argonaut | U.S.S. Conger SOLD | U.S.S. Cutlass SOLD | U.S.S. Diablo

U.S.S. Medregal | U.S.S. Piper SOLD | U.S.S. Queenfish SOLD | U.S.S. Quillback

U.S.S. Sennet SOLD | U.S.S. Spikefish SOLD | U.S.S. Tench SOLD| U.S.S. Thornback

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