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Ship Launch Covers

The stamped covers were issued to commemorate the launch of a variety of ships and various shipyards around the country. Click on the ship name to view an example of the cover. Stamps may vary from the photo. $10.00 each


Autec I, Autec II. Groton, CT Dec. 11 1968. (Stock number 005lcov1)

USS Bainbridge - see picture above. Quincy MA April 15, 1961. (Stock number 005lcov2)

USS Bainbridge Navy Acceptance Trials Shipboard Cancellation. Sept. 18, 1962 (Stock number 005lcov3)

USS Concord Long Beach CA plus Shipboard Cancellation. Nov. 27, 1968 (Stock number 005lcov4)

SS Denver Shipboard Cancellation Oct. 26, 1968. (Stock number 005lcov5)

USS Fort Fisher Shipboard Cancellation Dec. 9, 972. (Stock number 005lcov6)

USS Gurnard Mare Island, CA Dec. 6 1968. (Stock number 005lcov7)

Hawkbill Mare Island, CA April 12 1969 (Stock number 005lcov8)

USS John F. Kennedy Shipboard Cancellation Sept. 7, 1968. (Stock number 005lcov9)

USS Koelsch Shipboard Cancellation July 24, 1967. (Stock number 005lcov12)

USS O'Callahan Shipboard Cancellation July 13 1968. (Stock number 005lcov14)

Pintado Mare Island Aug. 16 1969. (Stock number 005lcov15)

USS Puget Sound Shipboard Cancellation Aug. 27 1968. (Stock number 005lcov16)

USS Radford 25th Anniversary Shipboard Cancellation July 22 1967. (Stock number 005lcov17)

USS Sample Shipboard Cancellation Mar 23 1968. (Stock number 005lcov18)

USS Schofield Shipboard Cancellation May 11 1968. (Stock number 005lcov19)

USS Wabash Not canceled. (Stock number 005lcov20)

USS Whale Quincy MA Oct. 12 1968. (Stock number 005lcov21)

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