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Movie Magazines Featuring Elizabeth Taylor

Motion Picture. September 1958. (Illustrated above) Liz on cover. Liz: "I hear the voice of love each night..." VG-F. (Stock number 003mm013) $20.00

Screen Stars. March 1958. (Illustrated above) Liz Taylor on cover. "I was dead until Mike loved Me" Liz Taylor's marital confessions. VG-F. (Stock number 003mm015) $20.00

Movie Life. August 1958. (Illustrated above) Liz on cover. Liz Taylor's Plea "I need you, I need you, I need you." VG-F. (Stock number 003mm014) $20.00

Movie Life. December 1958. (Illustrated above) Liz on cover. Is Liz to Blame? you be the judge. VG. (Stock number 003mm016) $20.00 SOLD

Photoplay. December 1959. Liz and Eddie on Cover. Liz and Eddie Answer 8 Intimate Questions About Their Marriage. Fabian, Kookie, Sal Mineo, All-time great beauties. Small stain on cover. VG (Stock number 003mm006) $20.00 SOLD

Photoplay December 1966 Why Liz is eating and eating and eating her heart out for Burton. VG-F (Stock number 003mm013) $20.00

Motion Picture. July 1959. (Illustrated below) Liz and Eddie Fisher on cover. "Liz Tells Why We Did It. Also an Elvis story. VG-F. (Stock number 003mm004) $20.00

Modern Screen. November 1959. Liz and Debbie on Cover. The Tragic Facts of Liz and Debbie's Fatherless Children. Some folds, ink marks and staining on cover. G-VG (Stock number 003mm005) $15.00

Hollywood Secrets Yearbook. 1960. Liz and Eddie plus Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jane Fonda, Cary Grant, Tuesday Weld. Story on Liz and Eddie's Love Code. Spine splitting at bottom, some folds at right edge. VG+ (Stock number 003mm007) $15.00

Movie Stars. June 1962. Liz and Baby on cover. Could Liz lose custody of all her children? VG-F (Stock number 003mm008) $15.00

Who's Who In Hollywood 1962. Liz, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Natalie Wood, Liz Taylor's Greatest Rivals. Cover separating at top and bottom of spine. Some edge wear at right. G-VG (Stock number 003mm009) $10.00

Who's Who In Hollywood 1966. Liz and Burton on cover as well as Julie Andrews and Sean Connery. Liz and Burton complete marital record. Some writing in ink on cover. VG (Stock number 003mm012) $10.00

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