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President William McKinley Stereoview Cards

An assortment of President William McKinley stereoview cards from before and after his assasination in 1901.

(58) Floral Tributes around the receiving vault - the dead President;s temporary resting place - Canton Ohio. Copyright 1901 Underwood and Underwood. Colored Curved Card (Stock number 003svmc07) $20.00

Our Martyred President William McKinley. Copyright 1901 C.H. Graves. The Universal Photo Art Co. Curved Card (Stock number 003svmc10) $15.00

1832 McKinley and Wife Copyright 1896 by S.V. Courtney. Keystone View Co. Curved Card (Stock number 003svmc12) $25.00

McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt Unlabeled Curved Card (Stock number 003svmc02) $15.00 SOLD

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